Media Criticizes President Trump for Skipping Tan Appointment

The DailyMail released a shameful report today characterizing President Trump as “gaunt and pale,” producing pictures of the president appearing light in the afternoon glaring sun. They used these pictures as evidence that Trump is unhealthy and exhausted. The embarrassing “news story” from the foreign paper is a disgrace to journalism and rivals American media outlets for the clearest outright propaganda piece ever published on the beloved and patriotic leader.

For decades, and especially since 45 announced his 2016 run for president, so-called journalists have endlessly obsessed over the president’s hair and skin. We know they hate people with white skin, but orange is the skin color they hate most of all. Representing the epitome of this epidemic, Mother Jones released an article in 2019 claiming to have “unlocked the mystery of Trump’s orange skin.” The sad, failed attempt at journalism features pictures of the great man across decades showing the apparent evolution of his skin color.

The most shameful shameful part of the two stories is President Trump looks the exact same in his 2002 and 2004 pictures from the Mother Jones story when they called him normal-looking as he does in recent pictures produced by the Daily Mail in which they characterize him as “gaunt and pale,” proving that employees of these outlets are nothing more than sick, evil creatures hellbent on their mission to lie to the American public so constantly and consistently so that they believe in the antithesis of the truth.

This is truly unforgivable.



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