NASHVILLE FALSE FLAG? Videos Show Apparent Missile Strike Targeting AT&T Nashville HQ Across the Street from Parked RV — Aerial Footage Reveals Missile Chemtrail (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Videos posted to social media are telling a very different story about the alleged RV bombing in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day, video was released by a nearby security camera showing a blinding light and a loud ringing noise coinciding with an apparent truck bombing of the historic district of the city of Nashville.

This limited view created the consensus that the parked RV on the street detonated a bomb in a brutal terror attempt. Now, amateur videos released on social media tell a different story and offer more prespective.

A wider shot of the scene, from a camera not blinded by the light, shows an apparent drone strike sending a missile directly into the AT&T headquarters across the street from the RV. Obviously, the vehicle was completely destroyed in the strike, but it is clear from the following video that the RV did not detonate any explosives.

Below are stills at the exact moment of the airstrike.

A similar angle is shown here:

Additional infrared footage taken aback from the strike zone shows a clear strike from above, with chemtrails in the air, accompanied with a cloud of smoke angled in the direction the missile came in from.

Via Natural News:

Below are stills of the trail before impact and the tilted smoke cloud.

Perhaps even more damning evidence is the vertical beams of smoke in the aftermath of the attack, aired live on Fox News:

We reported yesterday that the corrupt Democrat mayor of Nashville couldn’t stop laughing the entire time he was being interviewed and had a wild grin on his face the whole day, even into the night.

We then reported that the FBI repeatedly refused to act upon the various accurate tips they received throughout the days leading up to the attack from concerned citizens in the area. They knew something was up.

We then exclusively broke the story that the FBI set up a criminal felon with no family and a secret Asian mistress whom he gave two houses worth over $400k, the last of which he signed over to her exactly one month before this bombing took place.

Do they really think we’re this stupid? The alleged bomber was the fall man for the FBI plot to destroy evidence at the AT&T HQ. And we have a pretty good idea what they’re trying to destroy…

Screenshots below for when Twitter nukes these accounts.


Oh, and his mistress lives half a mile away from a confirmed NSA AT&T spy hub in LA.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure. We must demand an answer to the following question:

What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!

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REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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3 thoughts on “NASHVILLE FALSE FLAG? Videos Show Apparent Missile Strike Targeting AT&T Nashville HQ Across the Street from Parked RV — Aerial Footage Reveals Missile Chemtrail (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

  1. Man there is a lot you missed here. I took 3 different map views from 3 different sites and where the RV was the grass changes etc even though the dates match up. Also there were 2 cameras on the front of the AT&T building yet no one mentioned those.
    I bisected the google street view. Also, the bike racks, in the cop body cam footage and the street view again those were not there. The street view was from the year prior as well though. And 30 days later they still have not identified the explosive…odd right. Remember Harrison Deal, haven’t hear about him and the conclusion of what happened in that crash yet 3 people walked away.

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