Newly Released Footage Exposes Media’s Lies of a Violent Insurrection at the US Capitol — Peaceful Trump Supporters Thank Police, Hold Respectful Conversation in the Senate Chamber (VIDEO)

A video has recently surfaced online proving once and for all the media’s total propaganda and gaslighting on the US Capitol protest by Trump supporters on January 6th.

We’ve all seen the footage of pro-Trump protesters peacefully exiting the US Capitol through Statutory Hall, not so much as straying from the narrow roped off area.

Trump supporters cherish and revere our sacred history and heroes, unlike the criminal Left.

Antifa and BLM illegally desecrate and destroy statues of our Founding Fathers, famous presidents, and even Christian saints.

Of course the media celebrates them and not us.

It was universally claimed by the tastemakers in print and cable news that Trump supporters led a violent white supremacist insurrectionist coup against the government of the United States on the afternoon of January 6th.

The central piece of evidence to this now fully discredited claim was a picture of a man in a Viking costume sitting in the chair of the president of the Senate.

This is some really scary stuff.

Now, video has emerged that gives context to this wildly misrepresented event.

Watch the following short video showing the full story behind the widely misreported situation in the US Senate.

Here is a mirror on Bitchute for when YouTube scrubs it from their platform:

Video URL:

Looks very violent and insurrectiony.

For anyone who bought into the transparently false narrative pushed by every media outlet in the country, this footage ought to put any doubts about the purported insurrection against the US government to rest. No, President Trump did not send his supporters to revolt against the most powerful government in human history — of which he is the head.

The video begins with Viking Man entering the US Capitol and greeting the officers stationed there. The officers around cordially make conversation with the visiting Trump supporters and even offer a wounded man medical attention, to which he responds no, and thanks the officer for the kind gesture.

One officer says the guys have to leave soon and the Viking says he’s just checking the place out, to which the officer responds “Okay,” and then proceeds to explain to the visitors the history of the US Senate.

Media personalities, reporters, and politicians must pay for their sins of ripping the country apart through pure, putrid propaganda based on nothing but hateful lies.

We will not forget what they’ve done to our great nation.


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