REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Ashli Babbitt’s Killer US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey DELETES ALL OF HIS SOCIAL MEDIA Hours After Our Bombshell Report!

Yesterday, we broke the exclusive story that the mainstream media is refusing to touch: that the man who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6th in the US Capitol is Special Agent David Bailey.

We then revealed that Bailey is an affirmative action hire leeching off the American taxpayer for an outrageous $120K salary holding only a Bachelor’s degree in Phys Ed.

This might be deserved if he was actually doing a good job, but he’s been caught time and time again allowing or perpetrating the shooting of Trump supporters.

In 2017, he ignorantly allowed a lunatic leftist to unleash a hail of bullets on congressional Republicans, nearly killing Steve Scalise. The Deep State awarded him the Medal of Valor AND the Badge of Bravery for his incompetence.

In 2021, he himself opened fire on a group of unarmed Trump supporters, mercilessly slaughtering 14-year Air Force veteran and patriot Ashli Babbitt. Erick Erickson told him to do it, and Matt Schlapp celebrated it.

Oh, and our government imported him from Brazil to kill us. He’s now a foot soldier for BLM.

This is a pretty bad guy. The media hoped we wouldn’t find out who he was or investigate his crimes, but we caught him. So once again, he took the law into his own hands.

After our reports broke yesterday, naming Bailey and linking his involvement in the shooting to numerous Facebook posts threatening to kill Trump supporters, he deactivated all of his social media accounts.

Unfortunately for him, we archived all of his incriminating Facebook posts, images, and comments in our original article. The Internet is forever.

Bailey’s Facebook account contained repeated actionable threats against Trump supporters leading up to and directly following last year’s presidential election, which we outlined in great detail in our first piece. Here is a small sample of his unhinged online remarks:

He even viciously spat on the grave of his victim by claiming he has a divine right to execute Trump supporters.

Keep in mind, this is all coming from a federal employee who gets paid to strut around and point his gun at the disarmed people of Washington, DC. Occasionally, he even shoots them to death.

Now, when you try to view his criminal admissions, you can’t. His Facebook page is locked.

His Twitter and Instagram accounts tell the same story.

When you search for Bailey on Instagram, his profile comes up blank. But if you put the URL to his profile into a browser like Google Chrome, it still shows his name associated with his account.

His Twitter account on the other hand, is completely dark: It appears he has deactivated it for good.

Searching for replies to his Twitter handle proves that just up until yesterday, his friends were still consoling him through Twitter. They wanted to make sure he was okay after shooting an innocent and unarmed Air Force veteran to death in cold blood. How sweet.

This should be taken as confirmation from the man himself that he was the shooter, if his own Facebook posts are not incriminating on their own.

Bailey did not even try to deny the heinous act once accused. He simply destroyed all possible evidence and dropped off the face of the Internet.

From what we now know, Agent Bailey has not been seen for days. In 2017, he was hailed by the media as a courageous and heroic citizen, and had his face plastered all over the news. They even celebrated him as he threw out the first pitch at the Congressional Baseball game, while Scalise was still in the hospital recovering from the shooting.

Now, he’s nowhere to be found. No media coverage, no public appearances, not even a statement from the police. Radio silence.

And we all know why.


REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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