REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Biden Administration Caught Handing Out Free Transparent Full-Face Masks to All Illegals Entering the Country at Taxpayer Expense (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Late Friday night, the Department of Homeland Security began processing the endless stream of tens of thousands of fraudulent asylum claims made by penniless immigrant hopefuls following Joe Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s highly successful ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which mandated that Central American asylum seekers remain on the Mexican side of the US southern border while awaiting court proceedings.

In addition to the surely-not-underestimated 25,000 future welfare beneficiaries currently camping out in Tijuana waiting to be released into the American interior never to be seen again, the Guatemalan government has warned that there is another fast approaching migrant Caravan rapidly barreling toward the US following the Biden Admin’s immigration policy change.

From the AP:

Last week, the Biden administration announced that it would slowly start processing the approximately 25,000 asylum seekers who were forced to wait out their process in Mexico under Trump. That was scheduled to begin Friday at three border crossings.


Last week, Guatemalan immigration officials warned that a new migrant caravan could be forming in coming days in Honduras. In January, Guatemalan authorities blocked the year’s first caravan, sending nearly 5,000 Hondurans back to their country over a 10-day span.

Just last month, the now heavily restricted Border Patrol was nearly totally overwhelmed with by far the largest immigrant caravan seen as of yet. Thank God that the Honduran government shut it down right away.

Shamefully, DHS announced at the beginning of February that they were urging all illegal aliens to fill up the infamously long coronavirus vaccine waiting lines, and by doing so, pushed elderly and otherwise at-risk Americans to the back of the line and likely killed untold thousands in the process.

This is absolutely unforgivable.

Now, REDPILLED Media has exclusively discovered that not only is DHS brazenly advertising complimentary vaccines to all criminals who savagely violate the single most sacred of all of our laws by entering the country illegally, but they are also handing out free high quality transparent face masks that fully cover one’s face to every single illegal alien caught sneaking into the country — and denying the same to its own employees.

On a clip that aired this morning on Fox and Friends, it is painfully obvious that each and every so-called asylum seeker being processed by DHS has been given a large, taxpayer funded face protector fully covering the whole head including the eyes and ears. Not one alien can be seen without this covering — in addition to their pristine, state-of-the-art masks — proving that it is DHS policy to give out the welcome gift to the craven crooks conspiring to circumvent the country’s immigration laws.

The footage further reveals that the department’s own employees aren’t even afforded the same luxury rolled out for every illegal that has the gall to break into our now completely undefended nation: DHS personnel are only given the standard cheap face masks mandated virtually everywhere now.

In one of the only truly high-risk environments in which full face protection might be useful to protect employees, the federal government absolutely neglects its responsibility in favor of the ungrateful and criminal foreigner.

Watch the unbelievable video below:


This all comes just days after we exclusively caught Joe Biden red-handed allowing a huge group of liberal media personnel onto White House property without any masks and without social distancing, chumming it up with them.

Just last week, Joe Biden unveiled a plan to nationally disenfranchise Trump supporters of their due process and equal protection rights under the US Constitution.

And of course who could forget his massive faceplant on the staircase while boarding Air Force One?

The illegitimate ruler still hasn’t faced any consequences for his celebration of underage interracial sex between black men and young white girls.

This is Biden’s America.


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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