REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: CIA Agent Named Dan Bailey Assaulted Tucker Carlson At Outdoor Store Also Named Dan Bailey’s — His Boss Previously Worked At Dan Bailey’s (CIA HITJOB FOILED! MAJOR COVERUP UNDERWAY!)

Yesterday we reported on the vicious attack on Tucker Carlson by an aggressive liberal inside a fishing store in Montana. We exclusively broke the news that the man is a confirmed CIA asset and was sent on a mission to harass the journalist for his crime of reporting the truth about Joe Biden’s America.

Despite universal media coverage of the event, no outlet has dared to reveal the attacker’s identity as we have reported.

Now, we have uncovered further details about the event which turns the entire story on its head. The CIA spy sent to attack Carlson just happened to share the exact same name as the establishment wherein he executed the brutal assault, which also just happened to be his boss’s previous employer!

First, consider a quick recap below of our original article.


From our previous reporting:

Tucker Carlson was savagely ambushed by a rabid leftist lunatic while shopping for fishing gear Saturday afternoon.

Progressive Democrats celebrated the targeted harassment of a journalist on Twitter and quickly made the clip go viral to reward the man.

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The crazed communist has been identified as “Dan Bailey,” reported by the Gateway Pundit to be a fishing guide, though sleuths online have revealed the man’s true identity as a CIA asset.

The influential /pol/ News Network broke news late Saturday night that the man who attacked Carlson was actually a CIA spy sent on a mission to harass the journalist.

Dan Bailey is thus confirmed to be a sitting board member of the Asia Foundation, an Asian development organization propped up by the CIA.

The Deep State attack could be retaliation for Carlson’s recent work exposing widespread election-changing voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, or related to his recent public spat with the NSA.

The Biden regime is already going after opposition journalists.

The brutal attack occured while Tucker took one day off to go to Montana and fly fish; Friday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight was hosted by guest anchor Mark Steyn. Tucker Carlson was forced to flee his longtime home in Washington, D.C., after receiving violent death threats by Antifa culminating in a criminal attack on his property. The Fox News host previously moved neighborhoods in D.C. to no avail after becoming a target of the local Antifa.


Now this…

A wild development has taken place over the past 24 hours. The CIA spy who tracked down and attacked Tucker Carlson, Dan Bailey, just happens to have the exact same name as the fishing shop where the assault took place: ‘Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company.’

The development is so unusual that the establishment had to release a public statement blaring across the top of its homepage distancing itself from the man bearing its name.

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But the situation gets even more coincidental.

The execute director of the Asian Foundation board that Bailey currently sits on, Charlie Conn, is a huge fly-fishing enthusiast himself, as evidenced by his own personal description on the CIA front’s website.

In fact, Conn worked at the very shop bearing his underling’s name back in 1994. The first line of Conn’s bio on the foundation’s website states: “After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College, in St. Peter, Minnesota (1994) with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Charlie moved to Livingston, Montana to work for the summer at Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop.”

What is the aggressive criminal spy’s real name? Is Dan Bailey a fake name given to him by the CIA so he cannot be privately identified for his public actions?

Are we really supposed to believe that Dan Bailey working for a man who previously worked for Dan Bailey’s walked into Dan Bailey’s 30 years later and filmed a viral assault on Tucker Carlson?

They’re not even trying to hide their flagrant crimes anymore. This is the sloppiest CIA hitjob of all time. It appears that the agency spent years creating a fake online persona of the Bailey character only for the agent to back out at the last possible moment and not complete the job. It is of note that Tucker Carlson’s daughter was with him in the store the whole time, something Carlson made note of during his conversation with the assaulter, which may have averted the Deep State assassination attempt.

REDPILLED Media will continue to monitor this quickly developing story for new developments along with applying our own investigative journalistic resources to the matter to uncover the truth about this clear coverup.

*** Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left. ***

REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: FBI Quietly Releases Hundreds of Documents Exposing Hillary Clinton and the DNC Criminally Meddling in the Top-Secret Federal Investigation into Seth Rich’s Murder



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