REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: FBI Quietly Releases Hundreds of Documents Exposing Hillary Clinton and the DNC Criminally Meddling in the Top-Secret Federal Investigation into Seth Rich’s Murder

Seth Rich was a voter expansion data director for the Democratic National Committee before getting inexplicably shot and killed in Washington, D.C., on the early morning of July 10, 2016. The unsolved homicide occurred just weeks after batches of emails from DNC officials exposing damning, flagrant corruption began spreading online. At the end of July, WikiLeaks dropped tens of thousands of additional emails from high-level Democrats three days before the Democratic National Convention kicked off.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has repeatedly publicly denied the widespread media claim that Russia or any other government was responsible for the contents of the leak, and instead suggested on many occasions that Seth Rich was the source for the emails. Assange’s public statements carry significant credibility as his organization has not ever been proven to have lied, falsified evidence, or printed untruths in its 15-year-long history.

Due to the strange, unexplained, and unsolved circumstances of Rich’s death in connection with his deep involvement with information technology elements at the DNC, curious minds have long been fixated on the Seth Rich murder story. Further chilling circumstantial details give significant credence to the conclusion that the Clintons called a hit on Rich once they uncovered the truth about the devastating leaks. On Feb 22, 2015, longtime Clinton associate and Democratic operative John Podesta is quoted in an email released by Wikileaks as saying: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.” One year later, four top Democrats with direct ties to the Clintons — John Ashe, Victor Thorn, Shawn Lucas, and Seth Rich — suddenly dropped dead all in the span of one month and just weeks before the presidential election. Rich’s murder would be but one more notable political figure in a long list of those widely suspected of being executed by the Clintons, stretching as far back as the ’70s and continuing up until last month.

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For years, the FBI has, in secret, conducted various far-reaching investigations into peripheral details pertaining to Rich’s death. Last month, the Bureau released a heavily-redacted 137-page report detailing its investigations related to the cold case. Due to the redactions, almost nothing can be discerned from the email chains and interviews. On many pages, all information on the entire page is completely redacted except for one or two dates.

Earlier this year, the FBI was compelled to turn over hundreds of documents pertaining to Rich’s death due to a Freedom of Information Act request from Texas resident Brian Huddleston. Back in April, The Epoch Times published an article on the subject and released the FBI documents obtained from the FOIA request.

From The Epoch Times:

Huddleston sued the FBI after it told him it would take 8 to 10 months in June 2020 to respond to his Freedom of Information Act request. Huddleston asked the FBI to produce all data, documents, records, or communications that reference Seth Rich or his brother, Aaron Rich.

A federal judge earlier this year ordered the FBI to produce documents concerning Rich by April 23. The FBI identified 576 relevant documents but only produced 68 of them to Huddleston.

The FBI has declined to speak about the lawsuit. Attorneys for Rich’s parents did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The documents show that some reporting on Rich’s death was wrong, such as an ABC News report that claimed the FBI was not involved in investigating the murder.

The publication’s reporting on the documents is important, but wholly incomplete. The article recounts the legal battle between Huddleston and the FBI which led up to the release of the documents, noted that there are over 500 more documents identified by the FBI itself that it has yet to release on the topic, and exposed the mainstream media covering for the FBI by both lying about their many ongoing investigations into the matter and slandering any opposition to their outright lies as “conspiracy theories”. The outlet however has neglected to peruse the very documents published along with the article containing dozens of pages of material related to FBI probes into the matter.

REDPILLED Media has exclusively uncovered and below reveals bombshell information confirming the long-alleged Clinton connection to DNC staffer Seth Rich’s unsolved homicide.

Documents reveal that on May 30, 2018, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, through the 2016 Clinton campaign’s legal counsel Perkins Coie, covertly submitted what the FBI deemed “digital evidence in furtherance of this investigation” — the top-secret federal investigation into Seth Rich’s inexplicable death. The evidence was submitted to the FBI “via hand delivery” on a disc along with a letter which, among other things, required strict confidentiality related to the information divulged by the Clinton team. The letter is addressed to Rush Atkinson, who at the time occupied the position ‘assistant special counsel’ on the Robert Mueller investigative team. The letter comes from Perkins Coie attorney Graham Wilson.

Full transcript:

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

On behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary for America, enclosed please find the requested documents and information assembled by current and former employees of our clients, which our clients are voluntarily providing to you on an informal basis in order to assist in Special Counsel Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

These materials are provided to you on a confidential basis and solely for the purposes of assisting with your investigation. Producing them is not intended to serve as a waiver of any applicable privileges, including the attorney-client or work product privileges. Our clients request that before you publicly release any information or documents that they have provided or share them with any third party, you provide them with advanced notice and an opportunity to discuss that release and any applicable privilege or privacy harms.

The materials our clients are providing you are contained on the enclosed CD labeled, [REDACTED]. The CD is password protected, and the password will be provided to you separately.

Witnesses performed a reasonable search of the electronic records available to them for documents responsive to your request. The documents are bates numbered by client.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Below is an image of the letter released by the FBI. The letter is freely accessible on page 36 of the collection of documents published by The Epoch Times. (PDF version)

The revealing letter is bookended in the string of documents by a pair of unclassified descriptions from the FBI confirming reception of the disc and its contents. On the page preceding the letter, a document reads: “On 05/30/2018, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary For America (HFA) provided the FBI with digital evidence in furtherance of this investigation. Due to size limitations, original production will be maintained on a DVD in a physical 1A.”

Of note is the fact that the Clinton legal team twice referred to the submitted evidence as being contained on a “CD”, while the FBI repeatedly contradicts on two separate documents this claim (on page 35 and 37) by instead referring to the disc as a DVD. The distinction is significant as CDs are outdated and obsolete technology previously used to copy pictures or audio, while DVDs are known for storing video, given their far greater storage capability. Relatedly, one type of CD called “VCD” (Video Compact Disc) is a relatively advanced type of CD that can contain video and audio. Consequently, the cryptic FBI message about “size limitations” might then indicate the contents were in fact on a CD though were of such great size that a copy was made on a DVD, implying the evidence is video footage. Regardless, the documents confirm beyond any doubt that copious amounts of high quality evidence pertaining to the federal investigation into Seth Rich was voluntarily submitted in total secrecy by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to the FBI.

The FBI is still unwilling to release the contents on the DVD submitted by Clinton and the DNC. In the separate and more recent dump of documents related to investigations into matters related to Seth Rich mentioned previously, the FBI states it has redacted “1 cd” for unreported reasons. The redaction is explained by the FBI on the first page of this document under ‘Bates Page Reference’ #1565.

Video evidence has long been an issue for those interested in the details surrounding Seth Rich’s death, as out of the five police officers at the scene of the crime where Rich lay on the ground barely alive, three of them were wearing body cameras. Conspicuously, no video of the encounter has ever been released as the footage has reportedly gone missing.

This a harrowing development to a story that has perhaps been the most roundly coordinately delegitimized and buried of any in the last decade. That we now know for certain Hillary Clinton and the DNC covertly offered hard evidence to the FBI pertaining to the highly-secretive, then-ongoing Seth Rich investigation, and that the FBI is absolutely refusing to release the evidence even after a federal court ordered all data related to the investigation be made available, public pressure must be forcefully applied from this angle through all avenues available and by all means necessary by all those who seek the truth in order to force the truth to come out.

Hundreds of Seth Rich documents have yet to see the light of day, as confirmed by the FBI in reporting by The Epoch Times. REDPILLED Media will continue to investigate this matter as more documentation becomes available.

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