REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Now Uses the Vice President’s Office Building Instead of the White House to Conduct Official Business

Joe Biden has secretly been demoted to Vice President!

REDPILLED Media was one of the first news outlets to report that Joe Biden’s booster shot was staged at an undisclosed location made to look like the White House. All mainstream media sources claimed that Joe Biden was actually at the White House when he received his booster shot.

Pictures from several different camera angles at the event, along with a leaked full-room shot from NBC News, accompanied by indisputable video evidence from reporters on the ground all confirm that Joe Biden was not at the White House while receiving the booster shot and that the Biden administration and the media successfully tricked the general public with their coordinated propaganda campaign.

Now, new revelations exclusively released below indicate that Joe Biden could now be confined to the role of vice president under a de facto President Kamala Harris administration.

First, consider an excerpt from our original article to provide context for this bombshell development.


From our previous reporting:

The Biden administration has been caught red-handed on camera staging a mass propaganda effort from an undisclosed location and telegraphing it to the nation as a routine White House broadcast.

Joe Biden famously received his first Pfizer booster shot yesterday. As always, there were several notable gaffes throughout the event.

Biden used the occasion to announce that “97%-98%” of the American population must take the vaccine before we the cattle are allowed to begin thinking about living normally once more. It’s unclear if this includes children or only applies to adults, and if it includes booster shots or just the standard two injections.

After his speech, Biden went to sit down to get the shot, yet he forgot his mask. He promptly got up and grabbed his mask and put it on so that when his three vaccines don’t work he won’t infect all the double vaccinated people in the room. Because that’s science.

All this confusing antics, even for Joe Biden, almost seem choreographed to distract from something bigger.

One day after the event, pictures began circulating online from a reporter at the scene that clearly went rogue to release evidence the entire event was staged from the very beginning.

Biden was not really in the White House at all. The room was arranged like a movie set, positioning Biden to appear like he’s inside the White House when he’s somewhere else.

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The final frame from an NBC YouTube livestream of the event confirms that what appears to be a white wall was really a prop designed to trick viewers into thinking the event was occurring at a familiar setting inside the White House.

We even have video evidence proving that all the pictures are real. Near the end of a reporter’s cellphone recording of the event, the blue screen plastered onto the fake wall shown in the pictures is revealed on video.

Though, he dares not expose what is lurking behind the white wall. Americans are not allowed to know the truth about what’s going on in this administration.

The White House is confirmed to have pulled off an elaborate national psyop with the media’s help. The outlet most willing to help was by far CNN.

On a section of their website dedicated to delivering live updates on the puppet president’s receiving of an alleged booster shot, CNN deliberately drills into its readers’ minds that the event is occurring at the White House.

The phrase “at the White House” is included in the first sentence of both posts about Biden receiving the booster, with an accompanying picture purportedly taken at the White House.

(Archived webpage)

On live TV, CNN included a text graphic in the top right of the screen claiming that the feed was being broadcasted from the White House itself, with a picture of what appears to be the White House behind a fake window.

Was the prop wall constructed for this occasion or is it wheeled out frequently for Joe Biden’s speaking events?

More importantly: Where was Joe Biden yesterday? Is he not allowed in the White House? Who is in the Oval Office while Biden’s not there?

The American people deserve answers.


Now this…

It’s all beginning to make sense now.

The White House’s own official .gov website claims that Joe Biden was actually in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building while receiving his booster shot. This absolutely unprecedented rebuke of the universal media coverage contradicts every single media outlet in the room at that time, which reported that Biden was in the White House.

The official transcript released by the White House for Biden’s speech, given seconds before his receiving the vaccine, says that the event was held in the “South Court Auditorium” in the “Eisenhower Executive Office Building.”

Information from the White House website explains that the Eisenhower Executive Office Building functions as the vice president’s personal and staff office as well as the venue for press interaction from the vice president.

In addition to the Vice President’s Office in the West Wing, the Vice President and his or her staff maintain a set of offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), located next to the West Wing on the White House premises. This office, called the Vice President’s Ceremonial Office, served as the Navy Secretary’s Office when the EEOB housed the State, Navy, and War Departments. Today, the Vice President uses the office for meetings and press interviews.

Joe Biden is assuming the role of vice president in public.

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Does this explain why Joe Biden so many times publicly referred to Kamala Harris as “president-elect” and named his own administration the “Harris-Biden administration”?

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There was an unexplainable event last week at the White House when Joe Biden attempted to take a question from the press and his staff overruled him. Dozens of women staffers viciously screamed in reporters’ ears until the press was forced out of the side exit of the Oval Office.

Many things are put into context with this unbelievable development.

In summary:

– The press was exposed covering for the Biden administration, lying in unison that puppet president Joe Biden truly was in the White House at the time of his booster shot.

– CNN, in particular, was highly adamant that Joe Biden was in the White House and relentlessly gaslighted their readers many times on their website and on TV with this proven lie.

– Once it was obvious Joe Biden is no longer in control of the White House or even inside the building anymore, those who are really in control just came out and openly admitted to the public that the supposedly legitimately-elected president is increasingly taking on a secondary role in the administration.

– This is a major step toward removing Joe Biden from the presidency on a technical level, which is sure to come soon, and install Kamala Harris officially as president.

Biden’s America is soon coming to an end.


10/7/21 UPDATE:

Only 10 days later are national media outlets finally reporting on this story. As usual, REDPILLED Media was among the first news sources in the world to report this damning PR failure. Outlets like the NY Post and Fox News are calling the Biden administration the “Truman Show presidency” once they found out over a week later about this shocking incident. Biden and his handlers, unashamed, are still using the propaganda White House to fool Americans who have not gotten such information yet (Democrats).

These people are absolute evil.

*** Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left. ***


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