REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Lead Suspect in Ashli Babbitt’s Murder Case Was The Only Officer in the Whole US Capitol Without Red-and-White Hazard Tape on his Gun

In early January, REDPILLED Media was the first to identify a potential suspect in the shooting death of an unarmed veteran Trump supporter in the halls of the US Capitol on January 6th. One month later, Gateway Pundit released a report identifying a second man with similar features and accessories to the former suspect who is currently a defendant in a lawsuit initiated by the legal team representing the Babbitt family.

The defendant is currently in hiding while the US Capitol Police is illegally refusing to release his name to the public as required by a new police reform law passed by the DC Council over the summer. As a result, independent investigation into the incident related to identifying the culprit has been stifled.

Now, REDPILLED Media can exclusively reveal following careful research and analysis that the lead murder suspect in Ashli Babbitt’s murder case was the only US Capitol Police officer photographed in the Capitol Building on January 6th without a piece of unmistakable red-and-white hazard tape on the trigger finger side of his weapon.

Consider the following two widely-circulated images showing Capitol officers drawing their guns on Trump supporters on the afternoon of January 6th.

Notice the unmistakable red-and-white tape applied on the side of each Glock according to the individual officer’s handedness — meaning that for a right handed officer who pulls a trigger with his right hand and practices trigger discipline by placing his right finger on the right side of the slide, the tape will be on the right side of the pistol.

Observe this striking pattern consistent among all officers at the Capitol.

Now, consider the following image produced by Gateway Pundit of the man alleged to have shot Ashli Babbitt by the family’s legal team.

In addition to the extremely reckless absence of trigger discipline that the suspect exhibits as he runs around the chamber pointing his loaded gun at his colleagues with his hand on the trigger, there is also no identifying tape on his gun at all; Even from the angle provided by the photograph showing the right side of his gun being held by his right hand, it is clear that the pistol is clean of any tape or markings.

Why is the lead murder suspect in the senseless slaughter of Ashli Babbitt the only officer in the entire US Capitol to not have the red-and-white identifying hazard tape on the side of his weapon?

Why is the suspect the only officer in the building to not be practicing trigger discipline, wildly running around with his finger on the trigger?

Most importantly, why are the police, media and government all colluding to illegally cover up this information from the public?


*** Share this explosive information with the general public to expose the criminal Capitol Police for flouting their own newly-passed laws to further persecute the same group they fatally opened fire on! We are running out of time. Justice must be served. ***



REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish subsequent reports reflecting our research on the subject.

Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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3 thoughts on “REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Lead Suspect in Ashli Babbitt’s Murder Case Was The Only Officer in the Whole US Capitol Without Red-and-White Hazard Tape on his Gun

  1. I’ve never seen a police department that puts hazard tape on the side of the slides of their semiautomatic handguns. This seems to be acknowledgement that their officers are incompetent to carry a gun.

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