REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Video Exposes Joe Biden for the THIRD TIME Secretly Allowing Liberal Journalists to Flout His Own Mask Mandate on Federal Property (VIDEO)

In February, REDPILLED Media exclusively broke the bombshell news story exposing Joe Biden for allowing a massive group of camera crew and reporters on the White House lawn to flout his mask mandate on federal property. He walked right up to the not-socially-distanced group of elderly unmasked frontline workers, laughed with them, and even shared drinks with them.

In March, REDPILLED Media exclusively exposed Joe Biden again for the same heinous crime, this time indoors huddled inside a private business, irrefutably confirming the now-open secret in Washington: the Biden Administration allows liberal journalists to ignore all mask mandates — indoor and outdoor; on federal lands and on private property — as long as they hide behind the news cameras.

Following diligent research and analysis, REDPILLED Media has exclusively obtained and below releases for a third time in three months smoking gun evidence of Joe Biden unabashedly taking a sledgehammer to his own rules to reward his allies in the press while simultaneously endlessly lecturing the public to constantly mask up.

First, consider a quick recap of previous events to provide context for this unbelievable development.


From our February reporting:

The Internet was abuzz Friday morning with sycophantic news reports fawning over Jill Biden’s colored hearts decorations on the White House lawn in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

A video released by C-SPAN on Feb. 12th exposes Joe Biden for his sheer, utter hypocrisy on the issue of masks and social distancing: The illegitimate president is seen on tape approaching a tightly packed huddle of about two dozen journalists and media crew openly flouting the federal mask EO.

Each of the Bidens brought out a cup of coffee, from which neither dared to drink in the presence of the media lest they be caught maskless for one or two seconds.

Joe Biden chummed it up with the flatterers in the press pool for a couple minutes, receiving shouts of “Bring us some coffee next time!”, “I’ll bring you doughnuts next Friday if you come back!”, “I love your dog!”, and “Which [dog] is the oldest, Mr. President?” after which he approached the huge mob of journalists and handed one woman his coffee, adding “I didn’t even have a taste, I promise you,” to which she responded, audibly terrified, “I’m going to get in trouble! I don’t have my mask!”

There were at least five cameramen and reporters visible from the very narrow angle afforded by seemingly the only recording of the devastating event released to the public who were not wearing masks and were not social distancing.

Undoubtedly, there were untold dozens more press people surrounding the shot, many of whom, one can speculate, were not adhering to the evidently selectively-enforced executive order. Unfortunately, the shot only affords a 20°-30° angle of the gaggle which spans approximately 200°, totally encircling Joe Biden’s frontside.

This incredible revelation is highly significant as on his first day in office, Biden made an obnoxious show of signing his largely symbolic first executive order mandating that all persons on federal property wear masks at all times — no exceptions. Just hours later, Biden was spotted at the Lincoln Memorial not wearing a mask, spitting in the face of the disenfranchised and humiliated the public who is forced to abide by the mandate aboard all national transportation services and on federal grounds.

To compound matters further, Press Secretary Jen Psaki removes her mask every single time she delivers a briefing — unlike most all other members of the Cabinet and the president himself — illegally living it up like it’s 2019 in a room full of plebs who are forced to mask up by punishment of hundreds of dollars worth of federal fines.

This unbelievable development would have been tremendously scandalous for the Biden administration and its minions in the press had it been brought to the attention of the public; But of course, conservative outlets were too ignorant to seize on the downright disgusting incident of pure pomposity while the rest of the media was busy covering it up.

The details of this report serve as yet another reminder of the unabashed and unapologetic total criminality of those who run the media and the government.


From our March reporting:

Yahoo Finance livestreamed Biden’s event Tuesday afternoon inside the “small minority-owned business” where he delivered three minutes worth of putrid propaganda alleging that banks are hesitant to lend money to those in crime-ridden areas simply because they are anti-black.

Watch the complete event below.

After the three-minute event, most cameras shut off while the illegitimate president’s minions in the press dispersed; But Yahoo’s cameraman kept filming.

As the event came to a close, the technologically inept field employee visibly fumbled before setting down the camera at 3:18 in the video at which point he recorded the feet of all attendees (only media personnel) in the video for 10-20 seconds, apparently totally unaware the shot continued to be carried live to hundreds of people online.

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One frame right before the camera is set on the floor — at 3:20 — exposes an attendee totally maskless in the large, not-socially-distanced group.

No one in the room reacts as its understood that as long as you’re behind the cameras when they’re rolling, you don’t have to abide by the same rules everyday Americans must endure by punishment of hundreds of dollars worth of fines — just like last month when Biden sycophants in the media were not even reminded to wear masks when they were all caught on the White House lawn grouped up maskless.

This shocking development is further confirmed by a picture from the Associated Press featured in a Voice of America article detailing the event.

The same man pictured above, with brown hair and wearing a dark blue suit, is exposed once again maskless at the event, clearly without any mask loops over his ears as visible on other attendees.

Who is the unidentified man that the Biden Administration allows to openly flout the mask mandate even in a public setting? We the people demand answers.


A short digression:

Joe Biden closed his three-minute speech in Pennsylvania with “Do you have any questions for me?” He received a curt “No.” The two person crowd followed up with “We don’t have questions.”

One has to wonder if Biden’s handlers scripted this exchange with his two supporters in order to give the appearance that Joe Biden is willing to ask questions but his eloquent speech was simply so complete and informative that there were none to ask.

The full event is viewable here:

In a shocking move, YouTube scrubbed the humiliating exchange off of their platform by editing the captions to be blank while Joe Biden asks his supporters for questions and they harshly rebuke him.

With captions turned on, the text sharply stops between the time Biden asks “Do you have any questions,” and his attendees refuse to answer.

We exclusively caught the unbelievable exchange:

REDPILLED Media has discovered another unbelievable aspect of this story covered up by the media last week: During the event in question, Joe Biden began the broadcast with the scathing rebuke of his own supporters.

He berated them at the beginning of the video, attacking the innocent business owners with “Please SHUT UP!” when he believed the cameras weren’t rolling yet.

This unforgivable display of both cowardice and pure rage on the part of the purported commander-in-chief shows what he’s really like in private, and exposes the media for burying all evidence of his outrageous and deranged behavior.

Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and tyrannical Chinese agent that must be deposed immediately for the sake of our republic.


Now this…

At today’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response address by Joe Biden to the press held at the White House, the despotic Biden Administration once again allowed all attendees to completely ignore both the coronavirus guidance aggressively pushed by the tyrannical regime and the executive order requiring people to mask up on federal grounds. Leaked images from the press pool during today’s event reveal at least three attendees completely massless, with one man going so far as to violently rip his mask off for the sole reason of spiting the oppressed American population.

At 0:03 in a Twitter video posted by C-SPAN, a rabid liberal aggressively tears off his mask, not knowing he is being filmed. In the same video, four seconds later, another reporter wearing a brown hat is seen completely maskless milling around in the crowd. Needless to say, the camera immediately cuts away.

Watch the video:

At 9:45 in a video of the same event uploaded to the C-SPAN website, a third attendee is seen photographing the event absolutely maskless while nobody around bats an eye. They all know the drill.

Watch the video:

This is the third time Biden has been caught red-handed allowing his liberal allies to violate federal law so long as they promise to remain hidden behind the cameras so that the public never finds out, and it is surely not the last.

*** Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left. ***

This all comes just weeks after we exclusively caught Joe Biden red-handed allowing a huge group of liberal media personnel onto White House property without any masks and without social distancing, chumming it up with them.

Weeks later the twisted tyrant was exposed AGAIN confirming our previously explosive report with another exclusive look inside Joe Biden’s hypocritical press pool, with reporters blatantly violating the rules to Joe Biden’s amusement.

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Just last month, Joe Biden unveiled a plan to nationally disenfranchise Trump supporters of their due process and equal protection rights under the US Constitution.

And of course who could forget his massive faceplant on the staircase while boarding Air Force One?

The illegitimate ruler still hasn’t faced any consequences for his celebration of underage interracial sex between black men and young white girls.

The quickly declining Joe Biden then viciously lashed out at a black White House official, blasting him with the N-word live on air.

To top it all off, the brand new transsexual assistant HHS secretary Dr. Rachel Levine is moving ahead with sex change operations for 3-year-olds.

Just last week, Joe Biden announced a harrowing new plan with the goal of killing off the remaining pregnant women in the country by dumping them directly into combat to get blown up or shot to death by terrorists.

He then ordered his defense secretary to override the chief of the National Guard’s request for his troops to leave Washington, DC!

The military has fully transitioned into a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party under Joe Biden, with many military leaders attacking Fox News host Tucker Carlson among other civilians for opposing using pregnant women as meat shields in the Middle East.

At a recent Joe Biden rally in Pennsylvania we proved that there were more police in attendance than supporters.

He then stole a direct quote from an old House of Cards episode and wildly claimed on live TV that it was a conversation between himself and Putin years ago.

With the White House in panic mode, the cabinet released an obviously doctored deepfake of Joe Biden edited on to the White House lawn with the green screen on full display.

Then, they forced YouTube to hide the evidence and nuke all comments, likes, dislikes, and censor unflattering captions — but we caught them in the act.

The despot screamed at his own supporters to “SHUT UP!!!” when he thought the cameras were off!

A White House staffer then forced all media personnel to immediately evacuate in a craven effort to hide the tyrant’s most revealing dementia moment yet from the public.

And who could forget when he fell asleep live on air after transferring all presidential power to Kamala Harris, saying she speaks for him and doesn’t check with him when she exercises the office of the president?

This is Biden’s America.


REDPILLED Media will continue to diligently report on the heinous crimes the illegitimate Biden Administration is committing against the innocent American public.





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