REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Nashville Bomber Anthony Warner Transferred Multiple Properties Worth $400K to Asian Mistress Michelle Swing One Month Before His Death… Who Also Lives Right Nextdoor to an AT&T Headquarters (EXCLUSIVE LEGAL EVIDENCE)

The 63-year-old Nashville bomber suspect Anthony Warner transferred TWO separate properties within two years to his 29-year-old Asian mistress, Michelle Swing.

We previously reported that exactly one month before his attack, Warner executed a quitclaim deed on his house to the ownership of Swing, unbeknownst to her. In Tennessee, only the owner has to sign off on a quitclaim deed for it to be legally recognized, and there is only one signature on the document: Warner’s.

She has reportedly denied knowing about such a transfer.

It’s now revealed through public records that Michelle Swing, who now lives in Los Angeles, used to live on Warner’s street in Nashville, Bakertown Road on ANOTHER property he gave her. In the quitclaim deed associated with this transaction, Anthony Warner is listed as previously acquiring the house from his father, Charles Warner, and given to Swing on January 31st, 2019.

Public records further reveal Swing actually lived in this residence for a period of time before quitclaiming it off to someone else, rather than just acquiring the property without previous knowledge as she claims is true this time. She even signed this one.

For those interested, the quitclaim deed of the November 25th, 2020 transfer from Warner to Swing is available here.

But why did she move after getting a free home from her sugar daddy? Her current LA home is mere feet away from a confirmed NSA AT&T spy hub.

The bomber blew up Nashville’s AT&T center hitting off all phone companies across the country.

Starting to make sense?

Why would such a figure give away all of his inherited properties to a young Asian woman then perpetrate such an abominable attack on the public? Why is the mayor so happy about it all? Why did the FBI ignore numerous accurate notices tipping them off about the imminent attack?

What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!

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UPDATE 12/27/20 2:40 AM EST:


Videos Show Apparent Missile Strike Targeting AT&T Nashville HQ Across the Street from Parked RV — Aerial Footage Reveals Missile Chemtrail (VIDEO EVIDENCE)



REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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