REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Nashville Bomber’s Brother Charles Steven Warner Was a Top Director at Veterans Affairs in DC — He Got Paid 250% More than the Average Federal VA Worker

REDPILLED Media has exclusively obtained employment records for the deceased brother of the Nashville bomber: Charles “Steve” Warner.

Over the past few days, the media has speculated that Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner had a brother by the name of Charles Steven Warner, due to property records associated with the bomber. Newsweek reported:

“The suspect purchased the Antioch property that police searched on Saturday from a Charles Steven Warner—believed to be his brother—in 2010…”

REDPILLED Media can exclusively confirm these previously unsubstantiated claims by the media after uncovering Charles Steven Warner’s obituary, published in September 2018 in The Tennessean. The obituary is for “Steve Warner”, as the bomber’s brother was commonly known by his middle name to distinguish himself in reference from his father: the late Charles B. Warner.

The obituary, published in the local Nashville newspaper, confirms the man is in fact Anthony Warner’s brother, making direct reference to all of his confirmed family members — father ‘Charlie’ (Charles B. Warner), mother ‘Chris’ (Betty Christine Lane), sister ‘Teresa’ (Teresa Ann Wardrop), and brother ‘Tony’ (Anthony Quinn Warner).

Further research reveals that Charles S. Warner worked for the federal government in at least two high-level positions at Veterans Affairs in Washington for decades. Warner is recorded to have been employed as a tech manager for the VA as far back as the records go — since at least 2004.

While online records concerning Warner’s employment imply a managerial role, a news report from 2005 places Warner squarely in a director role, citing him as the Director for Information Technology at the VA.

This information is substantiated by employment records exclusively obtained by REDPILLED Media recording Warner as having multiple directorial roles at the federal VA.

Charles S. Warner was Director of Information Technology at the VA, and was later promoted to Director of Information Technology Program Management. He served in other roles during his tenure as well, such as Finance Manager.

View Charles Steven Warner’s employment history below, courtesy of research service TruthFinder, which the Associated Press describes as “a reputable and reliable background check service that focuses on detailed reporting.”

It is thus proven that the Nashville bomber has a direct links to high-level elements of the federal government.

And brother Warner did not let his fortunate position go to waste: Online documents openly reveal Warner’s base salary to be at an eye-popping $161,900.

This is highly unusual for a federal employee — even a high-ranking director with government connections like Warner. The average salary of a federal employee is less than $70,000, with VA workers taking in on average less than $65,000 a year. Warner has them beat by 250%.

Even comparing salaries with a private sector IT manager, who makes on average $87,000 a year, Warner was out earning them by over $75,000 annually. In fact, he was ranked the 19th highest paid IT worker in the federal government.

How is this possible? What do we still not know about the apparently extremely secretive Warner family? Why does Anthony Warner have 10 surveillance cameras recording all angles of his house?

And why did Anthony Warner sell off all of his properties to a California woman in the two years following his brother’s death?

We must continue to ask the all-important question: What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!

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REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.



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