REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: New York City THREATENS TO EXECUTE STRAIGHT PEOPLE if they Misgender a Transsexual During Pride Month

Taxpayer-funded execution of straight people is being planned in New York City.

Signs across New York City put up for so-called Pride Month (June) have been spotted across the city. In one subway station, an official NYC subway service information placard blaring “No bigotry, hatred or prejudice allowed at this station at any time” contained a subtitle with the violent threat: “Respect trans people, or your pronouns will be was/were.”

The sign is not a prank nor a photoshop: a photo of the exact sign appears on PrideTrain’s official Instagram page, where they celebrate their plans to execute straights who disagree with the public proliferation of such putrid propaganda. Child transgender “Desmond is Amazing” approved of the death threat, as can be seen in the “likes” section of the Instagram post.

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Related posters have sprung up in past years in a wicked diss from NYC leadership against the millions of Christians living in the city. Back in 2018, a sign with an identical tagline as that above was reported to have been placed across the city with a different, less deadly reminder, reading: “Tip your drag queen.” Not one single media outlet in the entire country is reporting on this.

This shocking development represents a violent escalation from NYC’s 2015 policy on LGBT pronouns and transgenderism which dictated that employers and landlords be fined up to $250,000 for referring to someone by his biological pronoun and forced the capitalist scum to tend to the needs of the mentally ill. The Christian Science Monitor reported of the event: “Violating the guidelines intentionally or repeatedly could result in a fine as large as $250,000, especially if doing so appears to be malicious. The guidelines say that to avoid the fine, transgender people must be asked what their preferred pronoun is.”

The significance of NYC criminalizing this speech years ago should not be overlooked since the act of classifying such speech as criminal paved the way for the death penalty to be potentially used against those who consistently and consciously resist, especially publicly. They start with a recommendation, then they move to fines, then they’re strapping inconvenient Christian citizens up in the electric chair for their beliefs.

Unauthorized speech is now illegal in New York City and is punishable by death.

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