REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Goes Down Worldwide After Indian Police Uncover Massive Child Pornography Operation Underway on Twitter

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Twitter has been down worldwide for hours this Wednesday night, as confirmed by countless news outlets around the world. Thousands of reports on DownDetector reveal widespread outages for Twitter users globally.

Technically, it is not Twitter’s website itself which is inaccessible, but rather browsing a user’s tweets is unavailable for users. Ironically, the Twitter account of DownDetector reported on the Twitter outage via Twitter, tweeting: “User reports indicate Twitter is having problems since 9:33 PM EDT.”

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Though many news organizations are seizing on the breaking story, none have uncovered the underlying cause. REDPILLED Media has exclusively uncovered a harrowing development related to and perhaps fully explaining the outage.

Following months of investigation by New Delhi police, Indian officials have demanded that Twitter immediately cease allowing child pornography to proliferate on the platform. Just two hours later, Twitter went down worldwide.

From Times of India:

Delhi Police on Wednesday sent an email to Twitter India asking them to take down all child pornographic content and share details of the Twitter accounts that had circulated such media on the microblogging site. This happened a day after Delhi Police booked Twitter under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and Information Technology Act, based on a complaint received from National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) regarding availability of child sexual abuse and child pornographic material on Twitter.

“We have sought details of the accounts circulating such media and have asked Twitter to remove the content related to child pornography. Links of these posts have also been asked for along with the details of the users of such accounts,” the officer said. Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal confirmed the development.

NCPCR had first registered a complaint with Delhi Police on the same matter on May 29 and then sent a reminder on June 8, asking the force to lodge an FIR.

On Monday, a total of 13 screenshots as well as Twitter handles showing content related to child sexual abuse and child pornography on Twitter were shared by NCPCR with the police after which the case was registered. During investigations, it came to fore that some handles had already removed the content and it was unavailable but investigations on the other handles are underway.

The case registered by Delhi Police is the fourth registered against Twitter in less than a fortnight across different cities.

The FIR had said that NCPCR had conducted an inquiry and “found evidence on the availability of such sites on the dark and deep web. In this regard, a total of 31 sites were explored by NCPCR on the dark web. Of these, five were pertaining to Indian territory, 19 were seen to be possibly of Indian region and the rest were identified as international sites.”

The media will not report this shocking link pertaining to the worldwide breaking news story.

Twitter must be held accountable for its full complicity in the proliferation of child pornography on an international scale.

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