REDPILLED Media can exclusively reveal the name of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer and his bloody history involved in gunning down Trump supporters in DC.

On January 6th, unarmed 14-year high-ranking Air Force veteran and patriotic Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was savagely gunned down by the US Capitol Police while peacefully protesting the illegitimate executive seizure of power by the Democrats through Manchurian candidate Joe Biden.

The ‘thin blue line’ violently shot the innocent veteran to death in cold blood at point blank range without any warning in the halls of the Capitol building. Make no mistake, this was a political assassination. Establishment Republicans like Matt Schlapp gleefully mocked her death after complicit commentators like Erick Erickson endorsed and ordered the public execution of Trump supporters.

The Capitol Police absolutely refused to release the name of the officer. The media didn’t ask for a name and diverted all attention away from his murderous crime. The foreign newspaper The Sun even spit on Ashli’s grave by releasing a clickbait headline “Who shot Ashli Babbitt, the woman who died at the Capitol?” but refusing to even name the officer involved in the heinous killing in the entire article.

In the face of arson, looting, terror, and death by Black Lives Matter over the summer, the DC Council unanimously passed a ‘police reform’ law specifically requiring “the city to swiftly make public the names of officers who use force on citizens.”

Needless to say, the law is being illegally flaunted now when Republicans are victims of indiscriminate and barbaric police killing and violence.

So we know that the media, police, and politicians stand squarely athwart the Trump supporters in the face of a senseless, bloody attack by law enforcement on unarmed and innocent protesters in the home of the US Congress.

So Trump supporters identified the assassin themselves.

REDPILLED Media can now conclusively confirm the sick killer as Special Agent David Bailey. He is a black male US Capitol police officer with short black hair who always wears an unmistakable white and black bead wristband.

Bailey has been in the spotlight before, seen sporting the exact same wristband on many occasions, including when the media was celebrating him for his incompetence in allowing a deranged leftist gunman to open fire on congressional Republicans during a baseball practice in Virginia in 2017.

GOP House Whip Steve Scalise suffered bullet wounds and nearly died on the spot as a result of Bailey’s negligence in protecting him — which was his only job that day as Scalise’s personal bodyguard.

Bailey was awarded both the Medal of Valor AND the Badge of Bravery for this great achievement.

Notice his bead bracelet in both of the above pictures — the same bracelet he wore on the day he murdered Ashli Babbitt.

Either through sheer incompetence or wicked malice, Special Agent David Bailey has allowed the shooting of a high-profile Trump-supporting US Representative at the start of President Trump’s term then perpetrated the cold blooded execution of an innocent female Trump-supporting veteran at the end.

This sick man should be locked up for a very long time, but at the very least, now that his name has been publicly released (which up until this point has been illegally withheld), he must be indefinitely suspended from the force immediately — before any more Trump supporters are violently shot and killed with their blood on his hands.



Bailey is a Brazilian immigrant who repeatedly threatened to kill Trump supporters on Facebook for months! He’s a BLM foot soldier!


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19 thoughts on “REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: US Capitol Police Agent David Bailey Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Was The SAME OFFICER THAT LET STEVE SCALISE GET SHOT in 2017! (EXCLUSIVE EVIDENCE)

  1. This is mocking garbage, you have blacked out the officer’s face, why?! I’ve seen that video elsewhere and its a white guy who killed Ashli Babbitt, why would you do this?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this guy is, or is not the same guy. However, I have wondered, since the day this happened, whether or not this was staged. Things that do not “smell” right:
    – video of police escorted buses arriving;
    – video of police taking down the barricades at the gates;
    – video of police directing protester both outside and inside the building;
    – video of “Trump” supporters winding up the people in the hallway, and breaking glass, while Trump supporters outside stopping people from breaking glass;
    – no sign of any “security” on the side of the hallway where Babbitt attempted entry.
    – chairs piled on one side of the hallway, not the other;
    – video of known Antifa supporter just behind Babbitt;
    – video shows no sign of blood on or around Babbitt even when they lift her up to move her;
    – video of known Antifa guy saying “she’s dead” immediately;
    – video of a “Trump” supporter who was breaking glass, fleeing down a stairway past “security” and changing clothes on the stairway, with “security” completely uninterested.

    Is it a co-incidence that all this happened just as the debate got under way?
    Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist, because conspiracies exist. The problem has always been identifying them correctly.

  3. He was shown to shoot down the hallway as he moved the muzzle a second before firing. And if he is a BLM footsoldier that really seals the false flag deal….SHE IS NOT DEAD….they played a very vicious game of crisis actors on us…..

  4. Shooting another common, everyday, run-of-the-mill fake/hoax. Where’s any proof this woman served 14 years in the AF? Who strarted that rumor? Who puts in 14 years and doesn’t stay for a pension?

  5. Hi Redpilled, I don’t have all the answers, but I do have questions. Are you familiar with a party named Ashli Babbitt (aka: Ashil Lari Tatro)? She is in her mid thirties and receives mail at: 56 Green Sage Road (P.O.Box 243), Boulder, WY 82923. She works as a talented Crisis Actor.
    Is it true that the California lady that was shot was not surrounded by Trump supporters, albeit they were all costumed as such and their buses were escort into DC by the local police?
    Did you know that one of the earliest reports of the storming of the capital was released at 9:33 AM ET on Jan. 6th by: NPR and that is not a typo? It also mentioned that the electoral vote count was (“would be”) interrupted.
    I would add that of the videos I viewed, I saw no indication that she had sustained a real gunshot wound to her neck area. It appeared that blood was running out of her mouth, which can result from a blood patch, such as used by actors. If real, she would have drown in her own blood long before it overflowed from her month. She displayed no issues with choking, breathing or other distress, whereas the gunshot itself indicates a total lack of basic firearm knowledge and safety, yet it was supposedly fired by a well trained law enforcer.

  6. Disgusting liars will have consequences way beyond banning on social media. You’re dangerous and disgusting. Nobody allowed Scalise to get shot. Pigs get to roll in the sty with the rest of the pigs. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  8. I wish I would have found this before I straight up emailed the Capitol Police last week calling them out for not releasing the guys name lol. I noticed the bracelet as well but the only picture I saw that might be it on your page is him holding that award. I think the other ones do not have the white in them.
    If you all really want your mind blown look up the book Babbitt and check out what is is about. Or you can check out my short video I did on it here.
    I also did a video on this when it first came out and ran it through some filters and you can see the line is different then when I did it again like a week later. And now I found these pictures which are way better quality it looks like a clear blast shield. I ran it through the same filter and it is different a 3rd time so I don’t know what to make of it. If anyone is interested check it out. Maybe you can tell me if it is just a light reflection or something.

  9. I didn’t see your email but if you are interested I also have the screenshots from Reddit about making fake profiles on Parler to cause drama in Georgia and possibly the Capitol. I sent those to the FBI and they totally called me right away about it…It is on my YouTube channel but I can send you the pics. I don’t care about money etc just want to get the info out there.

  10. Did you guys see the video in the first day or so after the shooting. I did and could have sworn the person had salt and pepper hair and i never saw a black person. I had the distinct impression it was a middle aged white man. The sleeves also looked different i thought with much less of the cuff exposed. Is there a reason why someone would switch out the film?

  11. I agree. He was white with salt and pepper hair. The suit was better and less cuff showed. See my comment below.

  12. BULLSHIT LIE THAT IS NOT THE GUY. GATEWAY PUNDIT has story and the two do not look alike . I bought it as truth until I checked it out.

    The secrecy has fueled Internet reports misidentifying the shooter as a Capitol Police special agent previously commended by President Trump for bravery. The false rumors have triggered threats against the officer.

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