REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: US Navy Celebrates Fake Holiday Kwanzaa But Won’t Say Merry Christmas!

They’re just rubbing it in our faces at this point.

Today, on New Year’s Day, the US Navy took the time to wish Americans a Happy Kwanzaa — the fake holiday invented by the FBI in the ’60s in an effort to combat radical black nationalist groups.

Here’s an archive of the post for when they try to deny it later.

It’s bad enough that they are celebrating a fake, purportedly foreign, anti-American rival holiday to the day of our Lord’s birth… but the US Navy celebrates Kwanzaa instead of Christmas.

The US Navy refused to wish American servicemen a Merry Christmas on the most sacred day of the year.

They instead said the general and secular “Happy Holidays”, which is a slap in the face to all the members of the navy and the nation at large.

We archived the post so whoever made this decision can never live it down.

This is a truly disgusting attack on the good and moral people of our great nation. The Deep State hates us, our families, and our God. Don’t forget that.


UPDATE: United States Special Operations Command Officially Makes “Diversity and Inclusion” Their Top Priority

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