REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE — WIKIPEDIA PEDDLES VERIFIABLE FAKE NEWS: Streaming Service DLive Uses Libelous Wikipedia Smear Falsely Claiming Nick Fuentes Stormed the US Capitol Building As Justification for Permanent Ban!

Today, DLive banned paleoconservative political strategist and commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes from their streaming platform on which he hosted the nightly conservative political talk show America First. Fuentes fired back on Telegram and Twitter shortly thereafter vowing to launch a legal battle concerning the illegitimate and completely politically-motivated ban.

First, allow us to breifly illustrate the background of this quickly developing situation.

From our earlier reporting:

Paleconservative political commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes has just been permanently suspended by DLive.

Searching for his streaming channel on DLive, on which he has hosted his nightly talk show America First since February following his YouTube ban, yields the following result.

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Fuentes is known for holding the conservative establishment to account on all issues of concern to traditional America. In 2019, Fuentes singlehandedly led a successful campaign against Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA resulting in the GOP organization supporting patriotic immigration restriction policies.

Fuentes is a highly effective conservative political strategist, which is why journalists begged on Twitter to get him fired from his day job. They were successful.

DLive was founded by two Chinese men and later sold to Chinese megacorporation BitTorrent.

Ever since PewDiePie began using the site, though long ago he has stopped, the media has been calling for it to be taken down or heavily purged and regulated due to supposed white supremacist content.

Just today the New York Times released a hit piece linking patriot occupation of Capitol Hill on Wednesday to the Chinese streaming platform. The sick Chinese company shut down Nick Fuentes following orders like a dog.

This comes on the heels of every social media company — from Twitter, to Facebook and Instagram, to Snapchat, and even merchandise company Shopify — banning the President of the United States permanently or indefinitely.

If you thought being Jewish in Weimar Germany was rough, just wait and see what it’s like being a Trump supporter in Kamala’s America.



Nick Fuentes let supporters know hours after the ban that he plans to wage an “extremely painful” legal battle against the corrupt Chinese tech company DLive for banning him from the platform despite following all of the site rules!

Nick Fuentes’s statement via Telegram:

Just so everybody understands, we are going to make this banning extremely painful for DLive. I am consulting with my lawyers about which legal options to pursue. Stay tuned to this channel, I will be calling on your help very shortly!

He later took to Twitter to set the record straight:

I was the biggest streamer on DLive, both in terms of viewership and income, by far! I never violated their Community Guidelines or ToS and I never got a warning from their team about my content. This banning is completely political & the result of a high pressure smear campaign!


Now this…

REDPILLED Media can exclusively reveal that Wikipedia colluded with the New York Times to slander Nick Fuentes forcing DLive to ban the commentator despite his breaking of no site rules on the platform.

A quick read of the short Wikipedia page on Fuentes yields the following libel:

Fuentes was among the far-right individuals and groups who participated in the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

We archived the page for when they try to deny it later.


Nick Fuentes did not storm the US Capitol, nor was he even close to the building when the event took place he and many others have repeatedly said on Twitter.

Wikipedia is using a pathologically libelous and verifiably fake Internet conspiracy concocted by angry leftists to smear patriot Fuentes and get him banned from all tech platforms.

The propagandous rag even cites a local Michigan paper as proof of the claim, yet the article doesn’t mention anything about Fuentes attending the so-called riot let alone participating in storming the Capitol building.

These people are beyond sick. We will not let their crimes go unanswered.


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