Shocking Footage Shows Exact Moment Lightning Strikes Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium Just Hours Before Super Bowl LV Kickoff (VIDEO)

In the early hours of Super Bowl Sunday morning, lightning struck the moonlit streets of Tampa, FL in a truly shocking display, potentially foreshadowing an electrifying big game later today.

The striking event, caught live on camera from the Fox & Friends set, ironically occurred directly overhead the Tampa Bay Lightning arena which is just minutes away from the Raymond James Stadium where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV at 6:30pm EST this evening.

Lightning Strikes Tampa Bay Lightning Stadium, Who Just Won the Stanley Cup, Minutes Away from Buccaneers Stadium, Multiple Times Just Hours Before Super Bowl Kickoff

It is the first time ever that an NFL team has hosted the Super Bowl in its own stadium. Interestingly, Tampa Bay is set to host Super Bowl LVII again in just two years, after next year’s game is played at the Rams field in Los Angeles.

Known for its on and off weather, south Florida in general and Tampa Bay in particular is reported to continue experiencing rain and thunder throughout the afternoon today; Though, by the grace of God, the clouds will part and the rain and lightning will subside just in time for kickoff tonight.

REDPILLED Media wishes you a fun and enjoyable Super Bowl LV with your friends and family!

Go Bucs!


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2 thoughts on “Shocking Footage Shows Exact Moment Lightning Strikes Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium Just Hours Before Super Bowl LV Kickoff (VIDEO)

  1. I just read about Vincent Jackson dying. Did you read the news? Vincent played for the Buccaneers most recently, although not currently. Didn’t he also play for the San Diego Chargers too in the past? Well, I guess they found him dead in a hotel room. Do you happen to know how he died? I couldn’t find that info.

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