SHOCKING UPDATE: Career Criminal Lil Wayne Confesses “I’M A CRACK ADDICT!!!” Less Than a Month After Receiving a Full Pardon from President Trump for Trafficking Guns and Cocaine Across the Country (VIDEO)

On his last day in office, President Trump pardoned a slew of recidivist, unrepentant career-criminal rappers, the most famous among them being Lil Wayne.

Since news broke of these events, REDPILLED Media has exhaustively analyzed the pardons themselves and the implications of such an action, investigated the offensive and unforgivable pasts of the hardened, hateful criminals who received them, and released reports detailing recent shocking developments concerning the pardoned.

Our investigative reporting yielded results nothing short of shocking.


From our previous reporting:

REDPILLED Media Weekly Column

Tuesday evening, on his final full day in the White House, President Trump pardoned or commuted sentences for 143 Americans, raising the total count of individuals granted executive clemency during the presidency to 240 people — among the very lowest of such figures for any president in modern American history.

Indeed, President Trump has used his clemency powers the third least out of any president in the last 120 years; Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. come in last with just 77 and 200 total pardons and commutations, respectively.

Consider the following representation of the topic produced by Pew Research in November 2020:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FT_20.11.20_TrumpClemencyRecord_1.png

Nevertheless, employing this rare restraint toward exercising such a far-reaching executive ability unlimited by the amount of recipients has not stopped the media from labelling him an unrestrained authoritarian tyrant intent on issuing mass pardons to his political allies.

President Trump pardoned Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2017, author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza in 2018, media mogul Conrad Black in 2019, and longtime Republican strategist Roger Stone in 2020 — all of whom could be correctly identified as ideologically adjacent if not direct associates of the president, and just as accurately as political enemies of the Deep State and the establishment class in Washington.

These high-profile, nominally conservative associates of the president, along with former national security adviser Michael Flynn and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, were all convicted of minor white collar process crimes, most of whose purported crimes occurred years prior and totally independent of any relation to the Trump campaign or administration, with the rest’s being misstatements of lawful events during questioning with the federal government.

But with this round of pardons, the president made it painstakingly clear that his friends and family were not the main focus; Or rather, Mitch McConnell did.

Tucker Carlson reported last night on Fox News that in his final act as Senate majority leader, soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader McConnell threatened President Trump with ‘likely conviction’ in the expected upcoming Senate impeachment trial if he dared use the presidential pardon out of line with official swamp consensus: namely to grant some form of clemency to either Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, John Kiriakou — you get the picture.

Leader McConnell was successful in his brazen extortion of the sitting president.

So President Trump did not pardon his children or political dissidents, as he was reported to have considered in the past week. Though the late night pardon of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was perhaps the highest profile pardon issued to a political figure, the president also strangely gave clemency to corrupt former Republican US representatives Duke Cunningham and Rick Renzi and, inexplicably, to the criminal Democrat ex-mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick, convicted of racketeering and bribery for defrauding the taxpayers of his city, was sentenced to 27 years in prison for such sleazy crimes that President Obama even refused to pardon him. President Trump commuted the criminal’s sentence at the behest of Wayne County residents, apparently rewarding them for single-handedly delivering Michigan to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

But these useless pardons to undeserving public swindlers are not even close to the most humiliating to President Trump’s voters: Not only did the president use his waning hours behind the resolute desk to throw his fiercest supports under the bus, he used the executive pardon power to free his most vicious haters from prison.

By now the world knows about President Trump’s baffling decision to pardon a slew of recidivist, unrepentant, dangerous gangster rap figures including Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, and Michael Harris.

In December, superstar rapper Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon by a felon after smuggling a loaded handgun from California to Florida on his private jet. Wayne became a convicted felon in 2009 over another weapons charge, only pleading guilty after an investigation found DNA evidence on a handgun claimed to be his manager’s. His crimes are for the most part harmless, and though he promotes a destructive lifestyle through his lyrics, Wayne is respectful toward police and has courageously spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement from the beginning.

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He even defends white policemen against attacks from journalists:

So a pardon of Lil Wayne can be defended. However, the other rap pardons are indefensible.

Kodak Black is perhaps one of the most aggressively anti-white figures in rap music. He is a part of the Black Hebrew Israelites group, which even the SPLC designates correctly as a “black supremacist” organization.

Less than one month after Trump took office, Black released a music video to his most popular song by far called Tunnel Vision. The video depicted President Trump in a MAGA hat being strangled to death while black people drinking the illegal cocktail of codeine cough syrup and Sprite sporting black ski masks and shirts reading ‘Sniper Gang’ dance in front of burning crosses and a hanging KKK member.

This is the guy who got a presidential pardon.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1611127288346-1024x560.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is C40MpQgWMAAqcTZ-1024x572.jpg

Consider entertainment website Highsnobiety’s review of the so-called music video:

The visual sees a black man being targeted by a white man wearing a red cap with the words “Make America Hate Again” printed across the front. Their violence quickly escalates to the point of both of them engaged in a brutal strangling match. Kodak meanwhile, raps with his crew in front of burning crosses. Though simple in concept, the final product is stunningly brusque, particularly when compared to the rest of Kodak’s videos.

If you can stomach it, watch the obscene video actively promoted by YouTube here.

Following the pardon, Kodak Black’s fans savagely mocked Trump throughout the entire comment section of the video. They laughed at him, called his supporters idiots, and insincerely thanked him for pardoning their gang-banging idol.

Selections from his followers include: “Imagine making this video and then Donald Trump pardons you [laughing emoji]”, “Thank you Donald, very cool!”, “trump supporters are retarded lol”, and “Who’s here after trump pardoned him lmaooooo”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-01-20-at-6.21.29-AM-951x1024.png

Oh, and who could forget the time he tweeted out his unwavering support for breast cancer? Not awareness for it, but the disease itself. The tweet is still up.

Finally, Michael Harris, sometimes known as ‘Harry O’, friend of rapper and fellow criminal Snoop Dogg, had the last eight years of his 30-years-long sentence commuted by President Trump. He was sentenced for attempted murder, kidnapping, and cocaine trafficking in 1988 and is reported in the DailyMail to have been a drug ‘kingpin’ in California at the height of the brutally violent and deadly crack epidemic.

These are the people we’re rewarding as the Trump presidency comes to a close.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 90-1024x576.jpeg

The New York Post reports that Weldon Angelos, who is also a friend of Snoop Dogg, who was also pardoned by President Trump back in December after serving 55 years in prison for drugs and guns charges, lobbied the White House for Harris’s release. Angelos, successful in his attempt to free his fellow inmates, is quoted by the Post to have said of the situation: “The credit on this one goes to Ivanka Trump because Ivanka Trump was not going to take no for an answer.”

So we’re pardoning hardened drug kingpins and allowing them to release all of their friends with them. Great.

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But the most offensive part of the whole ordeal is Snoop Dogg’s direct involvement in the pardons, with his influence going all the way up to the White House. The DailyMail describes Dogg as “instrumental in convincing the president to pardon Harris, enlisting Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and justice reform campaigners.” He has been a stain on American pop culture since the ’90s when he made a song bragging about how he got off on a legitimate murder charge.

In recent years, he has openly mocked white Americans for their lawful behavior by unapologetically filming himself donning whiteface in public using degrading racial stereotypes that he’d be the first one to call offensive should they be relatively be applied to him.

This is a truly deranged man, and is not one to enlist in potentially life-or-death political decisions.

Of course Snoop Dogg also released a music video a mere two months after President Trump took office also depicting his assassination.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is t_1489597119850_name_snoopklumpscreengrabvid-1024x433.jpg

Who knew that all you had to do to get your criminal friends out of prison is threaten to kill the sitting president for four years?

Maybe you do.

Or maybe you just have to go on Celebrity Apprentice, join the Trump campaign, then represent two Florida criminals, and the rest will handle itself.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-01-20-at-7.57.53-AM-1024x694.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-01-20-at-8.09.28-AM-1024x768.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-01-20-at-8.02.39-AM-1024x550.png



Wicked, hate-filled criminal and so-called musician Kodak Black received executive clemency from President Trump on his last day in office.

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Immediately upon his release, Black quickly recorded and widely disseminated through all streaming platforms a disgraceful diss track about President Trump, taking shots at the man who singlehandedly orchestrated his freeing from prison.

This is truly a sick and twisted guy. Last week, REDPILLED Media exclusively and uniquely reported on the indefensible pardons issued by the president to a handful of hateful, unapologetically delinquent drug-addict rappers who absolutely despise white people — the worst offender among them being Kodak Black.

So, we understand full well why this savagely violent, menacing recidivist does not deserve a full pardon from the president of the United States. Now, we are reaping the rewards of this horrible mistake.

Less than two days after receiving clemency from President Trump, Black, totally ungrateful and bizarrely spiteful at the president, recorded and released a diss track aimed at Trump entitled “Last Day In.”

In the rap community, it is a tradition for criminal rappers to release a freestyle record upon being released from prison bearing the name “First Day Out.” Black has been in and out of jail all his life and has already released such a record in 2017, so he had to mix it up this time. (Note: at timestamp 0:28 in the 4-year-old song, Black confesses that it “was my 12th time going to jail.”)

In 2016 Black released a song entitled “There He Go,” once again celebrating his own release from prison related to yet another sentence.

This is the guy we’re rewarding.

In the newly released song, Black opines:

Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money
All that hate and prejudice has become evident to me

To say the least, Black does not traffic in specificity; Though it is clear he is attacking the very president who allowed him to be released.

Other gems from the number include:

This my first day out, bitch, I want a head massage

Got the white bitch talkin’ like a nigga ho

He even openly plotted to commit further crimes:

Tryna quit takin’ trips with the Carbon

Ain’t no rumor, I keep shooters in my entourage

And I’ma catch a charge before I let them take advantage of me



Now this…

Lil Wayne now joins the club of rappers pardoned by President Trump who went on to pledge to commit crimes against the public and spit on President Trump and his law-abiding supporters.

Acting identically to Kodak Black, in the first song Lil Wayne released upon ‘getting up out the pen’ he openly admitted to copious amount of crack cocaine use and addiction. This necessarily means that the moment he arrived home from jail he immediately began smoking crack with his criminal gangbanger friends, spiting President Trump for his kindness and olive branch.

A known member of the notorious nationwide ‘Bloods’ street gang as confirmed by Georgia officials, Wayne opines in the new record:

She got her ass tatted, she just got more ass added
She got her pants sagging, and I’m a crack addict

The music video containing the shocking admission and more can be found on a video posted to Lil Wayne’s official Instagram page below.

A man of many vices, Wayne is not one to neglect to promote any of them to the innocent public: He has freely discussed his crack cocaine addiction as a child growing up in the crack era, and after getting caught with guns and cocaine on a plane bound for Florida in 2019, he tweeted to his impressionable teenage fans: “all goody!”

Pardoned for criminal possession of a firearm by a felon by President Trump in this very case, Wayne was simultaneously secretly trafficking copious amount of illegal narcotics across the country, including cocaine, marijuana, and others, from Los Angeles to Miami in his private jet, but inexplicably had every single one of the drugs charges dropped after getting caught completely redhanded by authorities at the airport.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Lil Wayne, who had a felony gun-possession record from New York, was charged only with the new firearm offense despite being caught with marijuana, cocaine and other drugs during his holiday trip from Los Angeles to Miami, according to court records.

Some things never change.

Lil Wayne smoking a marijuana cigarette twice as large as a football, likely laced with cocaine


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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  2. “She got her ass tatted, she just got more ass added
    She got her pants sagging, and I’m a crack addict”

    Not defending or promoting Lil Wayne or these lyrics, but the context of these lyrics implies that when he says “crack addict,” he is talking about butt cracks.

    My comment does not condone his pardon, which I still find stupid and unnecessary. I just cannot stand media claims (left or right) that are not rooted in the truth of the manner. While I agree with your overall sentiment in this article, it will be stronger and taken with more credibility if you do use stretches of truth to make your claim.

  3. He’s talking about the crack being transported on the airplane…this isn’t high brow stuff or hard to understand. I’m a fan of him but this just went right over their head didn’t it.

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