TERROR STRIKES NASHVILLE — BREAKING UPDATE: FBI Repeatedly Refused to Act on Multiple Accurate Tips Predicting the Massive Deadly Explosion in Downtown Nashville By a Career-Criminal Suspect With Multiple Felonies on Record! (TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT)

Yesterday, we reported on the deadly Christmas Day terrorist attack permitted to occur during broad daylight in the streets of Nashville yesterday. There was rampant death and destruction throughout the historic downtown core of the 200-year-old city.

Read our story here:

Many commentators are desperately trying to spin this as a suicide or accident, but even mainstream news outlets have been forced to admit that this attack was “intentional”, per the BBC, and yielded “human remains”, per The Sun.

The mayor was caught savagely mocking his dead constituents by constantly laughing and smiling throughout an interview concerning the deadly and merciless attack.

He couldn’t control himself: It was all just too funny.

Now, it’s being reported that the FBI received multiple credible tips before the attack took place clearly indicating the nature and severity of the event, which they completely ignored.

From CBS reporter David Begnaud:

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, is the person of interest in the Nashville Christmas Day explosion. At least 2 tips were called in to @FBI about Warner, prior to the explosion.

But CBS won’t even report on its own scoop yet, despite the reporting of one of its journalists. As of this moment, there has been no mention of the reportedly credible tips to the FBI in any news articles throughout the legacy media. As usual, we are the first one to report the crucial facts of a breaking news story in timely and accurate fashion.

We also have evidence at this hour that the suspect the FBI was reportedly tipped to is a 63-year-old repeat felon drug user/dealer by the name of Anthony Warner, a resident of the Nashville area. Courtesy of The Joe Padula Show, we have a partial copy of the suspect’s criminal record, detailing multiple arrests for possession of a controlled substance:

So the FBI is finally following up on the two credible leads received days before the attack predicting a drug-addled maniac felon would detonate a bomb in the downtown center of one of the nations biggest cities brutally maiming many and killing some, and leaving a valley of destruction behind him.

Thanks, FBI, but it’s two days, a few lifeless corpses, and a whole city block of demolished buildings too late for that.

The mayor still thinks it’s all hilarious.

This can’t all be a coincidence. The constant laughing of the clearly evil and corrupt Nashville mayor. The fact the FBI ignored credible tips predicting the attack beforehand. The fact the suspect had a lengthy criminal record in the city of Nashville.

There is only one question left to ask: What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!


UPDATE 12/26/20 11:20 PM EST:

Nashville Bomber Secretly Signed his House Deed Over to a Complete Stranger FOR FREE Exactly One Month Before Detonating Massive Bomb in Downtown Nashville! (WHY WON’T THE MEDIA COVER THIS?!)

Read the full report HERE.


UPDATE 12/27/20 1:00 AM EST:

Nashville Bomber Anthony Wagner Transferred Multiple Properties Worth $400K to Asian Mistress Michelle Swing One Month Before His Death… Who Also Lives Right Nextdoor to an AT&T Headquarters (EXCLUSIVE LEGAL EVIDENCE)

Read the full report HERE.


UPDATE 12/27/20 2:40 AM EST:


Videos Show Apparent Missile Strike Targeting AT&T Nashville HQ Across the Street from Parked RV — Aerial Footage Reveals Missile Chemtrail (VIDEO EVIDENCE)




REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and provide timely updates as warranted. Check back often for updates on this unbelievable event. This is not over yet.


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  1. You keep saying people have died, but all I’ve heard are 3 injured with the only death being Warner. Where have you heard of these deaths?

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