TERROR STRIKES NASHVILLE — BREAKING UPDATE: Nashville Bomber Secretly Signed his House Deed Over to a Complete Stranger FOR FREE Exactly One Month Before Detonating Massive Bomb in Downtown Nashville! (WHY WON’T THE MEDIA COVER THIS?!)

We knew there was more to this story than the media was originally letting on.

The following is a quick recap of crucial events:

On Christmas Day, there was a brutal terrorist attack that sent shockwaves through the downtown core of Nashville. The attack was admittedly intentional, and deadly, proved by the scattered human remains later retrieved at the explosion site. The media has been roundly engaging in a largescale effort to deceive the public concerning this obvious and incontrovertible fact.

We reported on the day of the bloody blast that the corrupt Democrat mayor of Nashville John Cooper was openly mocking his constituents by killing himself laughing during an interview with a local news station discussing the incident. He had an ear-to-ear grin the entire time.

He arrogantly continued laughing at the attack throughout the entire night on live TV. This is a sick man. It should be noted that his father was governor of Tennessee, and his brother is a current US House member representing Tennessee. This is a deeply entrenched and corrupt family. We know what you’re up to, Mayor Cooper.

Today, we further updated our readers on the situations concerning the coordinated plot by the FBI and local law enforcement to allow the attack to occur despite multiple credible tips predicting the horrific attack and a lengthy criminal record on the part of the felonious suspect.

This shocking development was completely shut down by the media, as they refused to report on a scoop by one of CBS’s own journalists. Not even CBS dared to print the story, so he took to Twitter:

Now this…

The Daily Mail broke an exclusive story today revealing that the 63-year-old suicide bomber felon secretly signed over his $130,000 Tennessee home to a 29-year-old stranger in Los Angeles for $0.00 in a one page, two sentence “quit claim deed” exactly one month before he perpetrated the heinous attack in downtown Nashville.

Leave it to the Brits to cover American terrorist attacks objectively.

According to the Daily Mail report, “[the recipient’s] signature does not appear on the November 25th transfer and she told DailyMail.com she knew absolutely nothing about it,” raising further questions about motive concerning the suspicious attack.

Here is the full document:

The seemingly official document, apparently stamped by the State of Tennessee, contains numerous errors and inconsistencies, further giving credence to the mysterious lack of explanations to questions pertaining to the attack.

For example, in the supposedly legally binding document, the price is redundantly written “$0.00 Dollars”, with a dollar sign before the figure and the word “Dollars” following the figure. Additionally, the suspect in the bombing and the “Grantor” in the deed claim is referred to as both “Anthony Q. Warner” — with a period after the Q — and “Anthony Q Warner” — with no period following the Q initial — further legitimizing the demand for answers on this story by the public.

What the hell is going on here? Why aren’t we allowed to ask any questions?! And most importantly…

What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!


UPDATE 12/27/20 1:00 AM EST:

Nashville Bomber Anthony Wagner Transferred Multiple Properties Worth $400K to Asian Mistress Michelle Swing One Month Before His Death… Who Also Lives Right Nextdoor to an AT&T Headquarters (EXCLUSIVE LEGAL EVIDENCE)

Read the full report HERE.


UPDATE 12/27/20 2:40 AM EST:


Videos Show Apparent Missile Strike Targeting AT&T Nashville HQ Across the Street from Parked RV — Aerial Footage Reveals Missile Chemtrail (VIDEO EVIDENCE)




REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and provide timely updates as warranted. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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