TERROR STRIKES NASHVILLE: Evil Nashville Mayor Repeatedly Cackles With a Huge Grin on His Face While Discussing MASSIVE Deadly Christmas Blast Occurring Seconds After Ominous “If You Can Hear This, Evacuate Now” Recorded Message! (WAS HE INVOLVED?!)

2020 sure is the year from Hell.

Today, on Christmas Day, there was a deadly terror attack in the cherished historic district of downtown Nashville, blowing nearby buildings to pieces and damaging priceless historic architecture. Police have already recovered human remains in the debris surrounding the blast radius of the brutal attack, and even globalist leftist publications like CNN and BBC are admitting it was intentional.

A frightening pre-recorded message can be heard blaring through the streets of Nashville seconds before the bomb went off, raising some eyebrows concerning who might’ve been involved in the planning and execution of such an attack. Watch:

Moments after the deadly incident occurred, the corrupt Democrat mayor John Cooper of Nashville appeared on the scene eerily quickly with a local TV station for an interview. The mayor was cackling like an evil mastermind throughout the whole interview. He even issued a thinly-veiled threat, saying “I hope this is the only explosion to happen in Nashville today.”

We have the video:

Here are some stills taken from the interview in which Mayor Cooper can be seen killing himself laughing over and over with an evil ear-to-ear grin across his face as he was being asked how a terrorist attack was able to occur on one of the most highly secure days of the year in one of the nation’s biggest cities.

Later, once realizing his grave mistake, he visibly bit his tongue and put a frown on his face to stifle his constant laughter. This is a sick, deranged man.

We have the tape of Mayor Cooper appearing on the scene suspiciously moments after the explosion went off, apparently delighted that innocent victims and countless historic buildings and businesses were wiped out in the blast. We have the tape of him unable to control his maniacal laughter throughout the course of the interview while discussing the damage. We have the tape of the planted bomb going off seconds after a warning was issued in the vicinity, unequivocally proving foreknowledge of the imminent attack.

There is only one question left to ask: What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!



An anti-tank rocket launcher has been found by law enforcement in an abandoned crashed car in California hours after the bomb strike in downtown Nashville. The driver has reportedly fled the vehicle, likely escaping with all the ammunition. (It is legal in California to possess an unloaded RPG.)

Can these events be related?

It is unclear at this time whether a second Christmas Day attack was about to be carried out in another densely populated American metropolis. Stay tuned for more information.


*** BREAKING UPDATE 12/26/20 10:00 PM EST: ***

FBI Repeatedly Refused to Act on Multiple Accurate Tips Predicting the Massive Deadly Explosion in Downtown Nashville By a Career-Criminal Suspect With Multiple Felonies on Record!

Read the shocking bombshell report HERE.


UPDATE 12/26/20 11:20 PM EST:

Nashville Bomber Secretly Signed his House Deed Over to a Complete Stranger FOR FREE Exactly One Month Before Detonating Massive Bomb in Downtown Nashville! (WHY WON’T THE MEDIA COVER THIS?!)

Read the full report HERE.


UPDATE 12/27/20 1:00 AM EST:

Nashville Bomber Anthony Wagner Transferred Multiple Properties Worth $400K to Asian Mistress Michelle Swing One Month Before His Death… Who Also Lives Right Nextdoor to an AT&T Headquarters (EXCLUSIVE LEGAL EVIDENCE)

Read the full report HERE.


UPDATE 12/27/20 2:40 AM EST:


Videos Show Apparent Missile Strike Targeting AT&T Nashville HQ Across the Street from Parked RV — Aerial Footage Reveals Missile Chemtrail (VIDEO EVIDENCE)



REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and provide timely updates as warranted. Check back often for updates on this unbelievable event. This is not over yet.


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