The Day After Biden Rescinded Trump’s EO Banning Critical Race Theory, Missouri Begins Pressuring Teachers to Adopt Viciously Anti-White Curriculum — ‘White Silence, Reverse Racism, Calling Police on Black Criminals’ is Tantamount to ‘Lynching’ and ‘White Supremacy’

The Biden Administration openly targeted and attacked white children across the country on day one.

On his first day in the White House, Joe Biden rescinded President Trump’s recent executive order banning critical race theory or “diversity training” at the federal level, signaling to states around the country that he is on board with the heinous practice that brainwashes young white children into believing that they are directly responsible for slavery, and are therefore unredeemable racist bigots required to repent.

Last month, we reported that Nevada children were being forced to take a mandatory critical race theory class persecuting the local white minority. They were required to label themselves “oppressed” or “oppressors” depending on their race.

The deranged psychopath teacher even forced the young children to confess to her their sexual orientation — clearly in an effort to infect them with the LBGT agenda, as the woman claimed to be bisexual herself.

Read the shocking piece here:

Now, the sick practice has spread to one of the most reliably conservative states in the union: Missouri.

Fox News reported late last night:

Handouts leaked to Discovery Institute researcher Chris Rufo showed an “oppression matrix” with an effective hierarchy of social groups, along with a handout delineating between various forms of white supremacy. Under “covert,” the handout listed “all lives matter,” “white silence,” “claiming reverse-racism,” “calling the police on Black people,” and “treating kids of color as adults.” It seems to compare these things to “lynching,” “hate crimes,” and “burning crosses” which it classified as overt and socially unacceptable forms of white supremacy.

According to this report, Missouri teachers are being trained to teach children that calling the police on a black criminal is tantamount to lynching him at a KKK rally in front of burning crosses.

So white people are white supremacist murderers if they do not allow black people to break into their house, steal all of their things and rape their family without fighting back. This is Joe Biden’s America.

But we’ve known this for a long time now.

Back in June, one week after Black Lives Matter burned, looted, and decimated the entire city of Minneapolis following a criminal’s overdose, the Minneapolis City Council President went on CNN to explain that calling the police on black criminals “comes from a place of privilege” and we must therefore “dismantle” the police so that the law abiding have no recourse in the face of violent illegality.

The CNN host nods in agreement.

Now that Joe Biden is in office, they’re finally implementing their master plan to wipe out the non-Biden voting population and crush all opposition.

Joe Biden must be held to account for his decades of crimes against the good, working people of America.


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