THE FINAL DAYS: Joe Biden Falls While Holding The Railing Boarding Air Force One (VIDEO)

Joe Biden nearly took a fatal faceplant while climbing the steps of Air Force One yesterday.

Seconds later, he signalled to his handlers all is well with a shaky thumbs up.

He recovered at the last second so as not to pull a Hillary Clinton in front of all the news cameras.

Of course, the media still refused to cover this. Ever since December, Joe Biden’s health has spiralled into a steep decline.

Who could forget the time Joe Biden repeatedly botched the name of his supposed “friend” Xavier Becerra while nominating him to head up HHS, even while reading off of a teleprompter? To compound the embarrassing gaffe, Becerra was sitting right next to him.

After the media crowned him the victor, Biden viciously tore into blacks by raging “TO HELL WITH Y’ALL!” and said they were all illiterate.

Just last month, Biden clearly had his worst dementia moment yet on live on stage where it was obvious he had absolutely no clue where he was or what was going on: he just stared blankly into the cameras.

The fact that all of these life threatening symptoms have occurred on live TV in just the last two months show without a doubt that Joe Biden will not complete his first term.

The only question now is: Will he die before stepping down?


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