Jordan Peterson Admits in Shocking Interview He Became a Suicidal, Tranquilizer-Addicted Schizophrenic Following Fall from Fame (HE BLACKED OUT FOR MONTHS!)

In an unbelievable, scandalous interview with the Sunday Times, clinical psychologist and self-styled self-help expert Jordan Peterson confessed that at the height of this career he was a drug-abusing addict popping benzodiazepines which led to a career-ending media slump resulting in heightened narcotic addiction eventually culminating in blacking out for months and falling into a 10 day coma in Russia.

Simultaneous with the release of his hugely successful bestseller “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” Peterson admits to heavily doping on benzodiazepines, the New York Post reports “prescribed to him after a violent reaction to a strict meat and greens diet.”

Rule 12 reads: “Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.”

The Post further details:

Mikhaila, 28, her Russian husband and Peterson began the diet in 2016, but all three had a violent ‘sodium metabisulphite response,’ she said. ‘It was really awful — but it hit him hardest,’ Mikhaila told the Times. ‘He couldn’t stand up without blacking out. He had this impending sense of doom. He wasn’t sleeping.’ Peterson has previously claimed that he didn’t sleep for 25 days during this time, but the longest period of human sleep deprivation ever recorded is only 11 days, the paper notes.

Everything became worse after Peterson’s wife’s tragic diagnosis with a highly unusual and deadly cancer.

“And things just fell apart insanely with Tammy. Every day was life and death and crisis for five months,” Peterson told the paper. “The doctors said, ‘Well, she’s contracted this cancer that’s so rare there’s virtually no literature on it, and the one-year fatality rate is 100 per cent.’ So endless nights sleeping on the floor in emergency, and continual surgical complications… So I took the benzodiazepines.”

After reporting suicidal thoughts, his doctor bizarrely prescribed him the powerful drug ketamine, universally known for its rampant abuse potential.

Foreseeably, this reckless prescription gave Peterson aggressive schizophrenia and a tranquilizer addiction.

Out of continental treatment options, escaped to Moscow where he was reportedly drugged into a comma emerging from which he could not walk. His entire memory of the last few months was also entirely blotted out from the mind-altering, incapacitating drug.

He was given the deadly drug Propofol which is commonly fatal when administered with a concoction of narcotics still in one’s blood — it is the same one Michael Jackson OD’d on.

According to the Post, Peterson returned to America, became addicted to benzos, caught the coronavirus, got diagnosed with akathisia and then immediately began shilling a sequel to his original book “12 More Rules for Life.”

Some things never change.


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9 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Admits in Shocking Interview He Became a Suicidal, Tranquilizer-Addicted Schizophrenic Following Fall from Fame (HE BLACKED OUT FOR MONTHS!)

  1. Addiction is a symptom of PTSD.

    Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood. Stop child abuse.

    The origin of leftism is anger. The Democrat Party thrives on anger. And who is more angry than an abused child? The god of abused children is Satan (anger leads to the dark side). The politics of abused children is Communism. Stop child abuse.

    In other words Leftism is God’s curse for not protecting children better and then punishing them for pain relief.

  2. You can listen to the whole interview yourself…
    The interviewer smeared him.
    As they consistently doo.
    But you buy it up…
    So dumb…
    Red pilled…
    Lol….blue as the sky….

  3. This is the same guy who claimed he felt existential doom and couldn’t sleep for a month after drinking apply cider. The guy who has a massive collection of Marxist artwork, has a self-stated goal of diverting the populist right, and attended the Trilateral Commission on top of his earlier connections to globalists.

  4. BS on you! He nowhere admitted he was a schizophrenic. The article about him, not friendly, said that without reference.

  5. This article is a lie being pushed by the MSM. Redpilled claims to be an alternative but is, in this instance, no different from the MSM. Peterson’s daughter, on her YouTube account, walks us through the actual interview. There was never a claim to schizophrenia, ever. If you are interested Peterson put the entire interview online. Disregard this article as anti-Peterson propaganda.

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