UPDATE: Ungrateful Swine Kodak Black Viscously Backstabs Trump and Calls Him Racist Immediately After Receiving Presidential Pardon (HE MADE A WHOLE SONG DISSING PRESIDENT TRUMP!)

Wicked, hate-filled criminal and so-called musician Kodak Black received executive clemency from President Trump on his last day in office.

Immediately upon his release, Black quickly recorded and widely disseminated through all streaming platforms a disgraceful diss track about President Trump, taking shots at the man who singlehandedly orchestrated his freeing from prison.

This is truly a sick and twisted guy. Last week, REDPILLED Media exclusively and uniquely reported on the indefensible pardons issued by the president to a handful of hateful, unapologetically delinquent drug-addict rappers who absolutely despise white people — the worst offender among them being Kodak Black.

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Consider the following excerpt discussing Black from last week’s groundbreaking REDPILLED Media column.


From our previous reporting:

Kodak Black is perhaps one of the most aggressively anti-white figures in rap music. He is a part of the Black Hebrew Israelites group, which even the SPLC designates correctly as a “black supremacist” organization.

Less than one month after Trump took office, Black released a music video to his most popular song by far called Tunnel Vision. The video depicted President Trump in a MAGA hat being strangled to death while black people drinking the illegal cocktail of codeine cough syrup and Sprite sporting black ski masks and shirts reading ‘Sniper Gang’ dance in front of burning crosses and a hanging KKK member.

This is the guy who got a presidential pardon.

Consider entertainment website Highsnobiety’s review of the so-called music video:

The visual sees a black man being targeted by a white man wearing a red cap with the words “Make America Hate Again” printed across the front. Their violence quickly escalates to the point of both of them engaged in a brutal strangling match. Kodak meanwhile, raps with his crew in front of burning crosses. Though simple in concept, the final product is stunningly brusque, particularly when compared to the rest of Kodak’s videos.

If you can stomach it, watch the obscene video actively promoted by YouTube here.

Following the pardon, Kodak Black’s fans savagely mocked Trump throughout the entire comment section of the video. They laughed at him, called his supporters idiots, and insincerely thanked him for pardoning their gang-banging idol.

Selections from his followers include: “Imagine making this video and then Donald Trump pardons you [laughing emoji]”, “Thank you Donald, very cool!”, “trump supporters are retarded lol”, and “Who’s here after trump pardoned him lmaooooo”.

Oh, and who could forget the time he tweeted out his unwavering support for breast cancer? Not awareness for it, but the disease itself. The tweet is still up.


Now this…

So, we understand full well why this savagely violent, menacing recidivist does not deserve a full pardon from the president of the United States. Now, we are reaping the rewards of this horrible mistake.

Less than two days after receiving clemency from President Trump, Black, totally ungrateful and bizarrely spiteful at the president, recorded and released a diss track aimed at Trump entitled “Last Day In.”

In the rap community, it is a tradition for criminal rappers to release a freestyle record upon being released from prison bearing the name “First Day Out.” Black has been in and out of jail all his life and has already released such a record in 2017, so he had to mix it up this time. (Note: at timestamp 0:28 in the 4-year-old song, Black confesses that it “was my 12th time going to jail.”)

In 2016 Black released a song entitled “There He Go,” once again celebrating his own release from prison related to yet another sentence.

This is the guy we’re rewarding.

In the newly released song, Black opines:

Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money
All that hate and prejudice has become evident to me

To say the least, Black does not traffic in specificity; Though it is clear he is attacking the very president who allowed him to be released.

Other gems from the number include:

This my first day out, bitch, I want a head massage

Got the white bitch talkin’ like a nigga ho

He even openly plotted to commit further crimes:

Tryna quit takin’ trips with the Carbon

Ain’t no rumor, I keep shooters in my entourage

And I’ma catch a charge before I let them take advantage of me



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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ungrateful Swine Kodak Black Viscously Backstabs Trump and Calls Him Racist Immediately After Receiving Presidential Pardon (HE MADE A WHOLE SONG DISSING PRESIDENT TRUMP!)

  1. I’ve never seen a more hell-bound being. May he not receive a SINGLE respite from the eternity of burning that awaits after his very short remaining time in this realm.

  2. The reason I don’t trust Dominion voting machine audits
    and request a PAPER BALLOT audit for MARICOPA COUNTY!

    I have been in the IT arena professionally since 1986.
    After graduating from a popular tech school in 1982,
    I went into electronic repair. Initially I worked on pro
    audio equipment then moving on to fax and automated
    office equipment such as typewriters. Those were the good
    old days when the PC hadn’t hit the market mainstream.

    Once the IBM PC had emerged, things changed. Not only did
    one have to be able to repair to component level, it became
    necessary to know how to install and troubleshoot software.
    This meant one needed to be able to upgrade both hardware and

    In the “good old days” if you wanted to upgrade your PC, you
    had to know how to install memory, cards and change the BIOS;
    the Built In Operating System. The BIOS performed the initial
    system set up and hardware check. OK get on with the story, right?
    Here we go. The BIOS lived on an IC chip at the time. This chip
    could be programmed via plugging in to a special piece of hardware
    which would write the 1s and 0s needed to set a code and make it run.
    What does this have to do with Dominion? I’m getting to that.

    LATER in the evolution of the PC and clones, the BIOS could be upgraded
    electronically. This meant you would upload a program to the hard drive,
    run a program, then restart the PC. Automagically, when it came back
    online, the PC had a new BIOS. This is the new standard for PCs.

    This isn’t limited only to PCs. I currently work on other equipment
    that has a similar operation. One can start the machine and upload
    a new basic instruction set to it and when it’s restarted the new
    system is running. This is great to fix bugs and unexpected
    operation as well as upgrade for expanded functions. It can also
    be used to manipulate the arithmetic functions of the machine.

    I am NOT STATING AS FACT that this happened to Dominion machines
    but, consider if you will. The Dominion voting machines could have
    been certified with an old BIOS. Then when the voting started, the
    machines which some were connected to the internet, had a new BIOS
    uploaded. The machine would restart and the parameters could have
    been changed. Then upload the ORIGINAL BIOS back to the machine.
    When voting had stopped, the machines were shut down. Once the machine
    restarts the original certified BIOS would be back in the machine.
    Sound crazy? Here’s the craziest part. Since this is at such a low
    level on the machine, there would be no logging of the changes made
    if someone didn’t want the logging to occur.

    Again I am NOT stating this happened. I am only saying what if.
    Some will call this a conspiracy. I know when I went to vote on
    November, 3 2020, I saw the machines in the polling place I went to
    shut down at 6:07 AM and come back online at 6:09 AM. Just enough
    time to restart. I also saw a mobile hotspot on the table where
    ballots were being handed out. I’m sure there is a logicical
    reason for this and this can easily be explained. I am only saying
    WHAT IF.

  3. Lmao, hes just going to South Carolina to face rape charges, and I hope he gets 30 years. Good riddance.

  4. The Presidential Pardon of this oxygen thief is testament and proof of DJT’s poor judgement.

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