UPDATE: IT’S CONFIRMED! Joe Biden Calls Black White House Employee an N-Word to His Face: “N***ER HERE! Next!” (VIDEO)

This morning, we reported that over the weekend, Joe Biden viciously tore into a black White House staffer alleged to have mismanaged the teleprompter while delivering live remarks at the Munich Security Conference, dropping a massive N-bomb on his head in front of the whole world. REDPILLED Media is the only Western news outlet thus far to have reported on this unbelievable story.

Now, we have confirmation from YouTube that Joe Biden did in fact call the man a “nigger” in his wildest dementia moment caught on tape since last week when he celebrated underage interracial sex between black men and young white girls.


From our original reporting:

Joe Biden exploded on a black White House official working the teleprompter during his virtual address to the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, blasting him on the live broadcast with the racial slur, saying:

“Look, the range of challenges Europe and the United States must take on together is broad and complex. I am eager to hear, nigger (sic) here next from my good friends and outstanding leaders such as Merkel (German Chancellor) about her thoughts and the way forward.”

Watch the unbelievable spat of rage below:


A teleprompter glitch or mistake on the part of the black operator certainly does not warrant such a public humiliation.

The only media outlet brave enough to report on this shocking and absolutely unpresidential remark is Indian news service OPIndia. As usual, conservative publications were too ignorant to seize on the scandal while the rest of the media was busy covering it up.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Biden has openly mocked and attacked blacks in public.

In Biden’s defense, he comes from a time before the Left began erasing words from the public vocabulary and in some cases making it a hate crime to say out loud. In America’s defense, the fact that Biden has senatorially presided over the period in which offensive words can no longer be stated publicly in an inoffensive context speaks to his unworthiness to lead our nation.


Now this…

At 1:32:55 on the YouTube video from DW News covering the event, the official moderated captions confirm that Joe Biden savagely trashed the hardworking employee with the slur.

Watch the video below and take note of the captions:

Joe Biden is a truly sick and deranged dementia patient who hates America and everyone in it.

The only question left to ask is: What other medical emergencies is the mental cripple hiding from the public?

Does he have Tourette’s?


UPDATE 2/25/21:

Biden addresses German Chancellor Angela Merkel as “Senator Merkel” in the very same sentence that he berates the black White House staffer shouting the N-word at him!


This all comes just days after we exclusively caught Joe Biden red-handed allowing a huge group of liberal media personnel onto White House property without any masks and without social distancing, chumming it up with them.

Just last week, Joe Biden unveiled a plan to nationally disenfranchise Trump supporters of their due process and equal protection rights under the US Constitution.

And of course who could forget his massive faceplant on the staircase while boarding Air Force One?

The illegitimate ruler still hasn’t faced any consequences for his celebration of underage interracial sex between black men and young white girls.

This is Biden’s America.


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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