UPDATE: Trudeau Announces Complete Travel Ban on All Unvaccinated Canadians Nationwide Hours After Unveiling National Vaccine Mandate

Earlier today, we reported on the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s national vaccine mandate — the first of its kind on the entire planet, unveiled on Tuesday in a residential backyard somewhere in Ontario. Canadian citizens are now a test case in global tyranny.

In an unsettling turn of events, just one day later, Trudeau unilaterally halted all domestic travel nationwide for all citizens who have not received two injections of the unapproved coronavirus vaccine.

First, consider details below taken from our previous article to provide context for this new development.


From our previous reporting:

Mass forced vaccination has arrived on the North American continent.

The Canadian federal government has announced mandatory vaccinations for all citizens nationwide.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau yesterday issued a chilling threat to Canadians who refuse to allow the government to inject the rushed and still-unapproved coronavirus vaccine into their bloodstream.

Trudeau spoke during a televised address in a constituent’s backyard Wednesday saying:

“The bottom line is: If anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate medical reason for not getting fully vaccinated chooses to not get vaccinated, there will be consequences.”

Drunk on power, the wannabe dictator then smiled smugly at the camera after issuing the dark threat at millions of innocent men, women and children across the country. He believes no one has enough power to challenge his absolute and oppressive rule.

The evil despot is arrogantly flaunting his absolute power over the nation’s citizens even as Canadians get ready to vote in the next federal election next month.

Watch Trudeau make the shocking announcement on live TV:

Only one national politician is running against vaccine mandates — former Conservative party member and current leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier.

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Bernier commented on the openly discriminatory announcement by the prime minister on Twitter, saying: “This explicit threat by the prime minister is disgusting and completely unacceptable in a free and democratic society.” The nationalist politician has also promised to end tech censorship in Canada and proposed a national immigration moratorium.

The Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on September 20, 2021. Notably, news articles reporting the date of the election curious omit Maxime Bernier’s candidacy, despite his newly-founded party’s higher polling statistics than the Green Party, which is always mentioned.

Canada deserves better than the twisted tyrant Justin Trudeau.


Now this…

Yesterday, just one day after the nationwide vaccine mandate was announced by the federal government, Trudeau doubled down on his despotic decrees.

Trudeau said that if the Liberals win the upcoming federal election, no one without a vaccine passport will be allowed to move within their own country.

From The Globe and Mail:

People who refuse COVID-19 vaccination will not be permitted to board domestic flights in Canada or travel interprovincially on trains unless they have medical exemptions, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Wednesday, for the first time ruling out any accommodations for unvaccinated travellers.

Mr. Trudeau made his comments at a campaign stop in Vancouver, in response to a question about whether a re-elected Liberal government would offer alternatives for people who aren’t inoculated against the novel coronavirus. He said he would implement the new restrictions if he forms the next government.

“We are absolutely unequivocal on that because this is how we get through this pandemic,” he added.

The Liberals have made a proposed vaccine mandate a key issue in the federal election campaign. The policy was announced by the government two days before Mr. Trudeau called a snap election on Sunday, but it was initially unclear whether unvaccinated people without medical exemptions would be able to avoid restrictions, such as by taking rapid COVID-19 tests.

Trudeau unilaterally banned air and rail travel for an embattled and persecuted medical minority within his nation’s own borders.

How are unvaccinated Canadians supposed to see faraway family members across the 5000-mile country? By car? By foot? What about foreigners, chiefly Americans, who come to visit and do not have a vaccine? Is Canada banning all travelers who refuse the injection? What about foreign leaders and diplomats? What about sports players? Will Trudeau ban hockey and baseball and basketball, then, too?

This policy almost amounts to a war crime. But he’s got time left.

And it’s just a matter of time before such already-brewing ideas are implemented at the federal level in America. At the state level, mass forced vaccinations has already been legalized.

Back in June, REDPILLED Media revealed exclusive bombshell information exposing the Florida legislature’s collusion with Governor DeSantis in passing in total secrecy a hidden clause within the supposed Big Tech legislation that provides legal authority to the state of Florida to administer forced injection of the coronavirus vaccine to unwilling residents en masse at any time and for any reason.



Some media outlets, notably including the state-run CBC, are running cover for the Trudeau reelection campaign claiming that the explicit threat of “consequences” to unvaccinated Canadians only applies to public servants. Does anyone really believe for even one second that the Liberal government will stop at only requiring its own employees to be vaccinated? Regardless, the “president of largest public sector union ‘will not stand’ for termination of unvaccinated civil servants” reported CTV News one day after the announcement was made. This is the time for mass civil disobedience against an openly tyrannical government. Mandatory forced vaccination of an unwilling population is the hill to metaphorically die on.



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