WARZONE MINNEAPOLIS: Drunk Driver Plows into Crowd of BLM Protesters in Huge Deadly Crash, Gets Ripped From Car and Savagely Beaten by Vigilante Blacks (VIDEO)

“A major crash happened in Minneapolis involving a car and street protesters. One protester reportedly died. The driver was pulled out and assaulted by the crowd before being taken into police custody.” Such read the an early morning report from Andy Ngo, a Twitter journalist who closely follows and reports on Antifa/BLM violence.

An enormous group of unruly Black Lives Matter members were aggressively protesting the now weeks-old killing of black criminal Winston Smith who attempted to evade a police execution of his warrant before the apparent drunk driver crashed in to the crowd. On-the-ground reporting substantiates Ngo’s assessment of the event including a savage beating perpetrated on the intoxicated individual by bloodthirsty BLM terrorists.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

A person drove into a group of protesters in Minneapolis early Monday, killing one woman and injuring another person, authorities said.

A suspect is in custody after police say they saw the vehicle on video surveillance drive into the protesters just after midnight. The crowd was protesting an officer-involved shooting from a few weeks ago that did not involve MPD, John Elder, spokesperson for Minneapolis Police, told CNN.

The protest where the deadly crash happened Monday occurred in the same area where protesters gathered more than a week ago over the killing of 32-year-old Winston Smith, a Black man killed by law enforcement officers who were executing a warrant. The protests come as the city continues to grapple with last year’s killing of George Floyd during his arrest in Minneapolis, and with the murder conviction in that case of former police officer Derek Chauvin.

While a motive for Monday’s incident is unknown, the preliminary investigation indicates drugs or alcohol may have been a factor in the crash, according to a news release from MPD.


The news release said protesters pulled the suspect from the vehicle after the crash and began to strike the driver before officers arrived and took the driver into custody.

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Footage of the harrowing encounter quickly went viral on social media. One BLM foot soldier sharing video of the event to Twitter bizarrely characterized the drunk driver as a “WHITE SUPREMACIST.” View the driver’s encounter with police below.

What the video does not show however is the savage assault reported by various media sources perpetrated on the intoxicated driver by the enormous group of BLM terrorists after they reportedly hauled him out of his vehicle.

An image floating around social media appearing to confirm this shows the driver suffocating in a deadly headlock executed by an unnamed violent BLM criminal before he was taken into custody by the police.

In the background of the image there can be clearly seen an orange plastic separation barrier commonly used near police investigations of criminal incidents. This detail implies that this assault might have occurred even after police arrived at the scene.

The alleged picture of the event appears wholly authentic considering the matching facial features and clothing of the suspect and the environment and spectators surrounding the event shown in the video. A still taken from footage of the event with police appears below.

It is the same suspect, which means the brutal black-on-white hate attack is substantiated with publicly-released photographic evidence.

Notably, there has been no mention whatsoever in media reports or on social media of charges or of even any police interaction with the brutally violent vigilante black terrorist who flagrantly broke many laws in order to disrupt a police encounter with a homicide suspect in order to exact his brutal racial grievance against white people.

Developments surrounding the situation make one point crystal clear: the police have one standard for black criminals, and another one for whites.



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  1. What do you expect when you plow into a crowd drunk, you’re gonna get your ass beat

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