The Washington Post Colludes With Three Other DC Newspapers to Successfully Shut Down Trump-Friendly Harry’s Bar Days Before January 6 Stop The Steal Protest

Harry’s Bar is part of the 106-year-old Harrington Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Washington, DC. It’s also a well-known rendezvous for Trump supporters in DC: quite a rare specimen. There’s not many other places — except for the Trump International on Penn. Ave. — warmly accommodative to conservatives out on the streets of DC.

Two weeks ago, during this month’s Stop the Steal rally in DC, Proud Boys removed a BLM flag from a building downtown and burned it in the street. It should be noted that burning a flag that so represents a violent insurrectionist organization hellbent on overthrowing the American regime is actually deeply patriotic; But, I digress:

After these events unfolded, The Washington Post ran its first hit-piece on Harry’s Bar for the crime of selling food and drinks to Proud Boys members.

They falsely implied he was subsidizing violence in the streets of DC. In reality, WaPo was covering for the mayor, who was doing just that.

But the deed was already done: The DC media circus immediately sprung into action.

Mere hours after the article was released, The Washingtonian published an article on the same day, December 13th, explicitly accusing Harry’s Bar of having blood on its hands by serving food to conservatives.

The next day, on December 14th, Politico ran a total smear-job dubbing the bar a ‘Haven for the Proud Boys’, as if they were harboring terrorists. So reclaiming the nation’s capital from ACTUAL terrorists is now terror itself, according to the media.

The day after that, on December 15th, a third beltway publication by the name of DCist carried the follow-up story bashing Harry’s. That’s four DC media outlets in three days running hit-pieces on a single pub for the heinous act of serving their political opponents. Expect much more of this should our country be so unfortunate to have Joe Biden installed as president.

Take stock of the sheer coordination between the Deep State media organizations taking direct marching orders from the Washington Post:

Even Antifa chimed in for good measure.

The first part was complete. It has been put into the public consciousness that Harry’s Bar endorses and subsidizes violence in the streets of DC.

Now for the second part:

At 9:40 PM on Sunday night, The Washington Post, after sicing its rabid minions on its prey, went for the kill shot and ran a story claiming that Harry’s Bar will once again serve Proud Boys during the January 6th Stop the Steal event.

In a purely evil act of spitefulness, WaPo even updated their story the next day to include the Hotel Harrington’s announcement of closure. These people are sick.

That was the final nail in the coffin. Hours later, Harry’s had absolutely no choice but to close down, or risk Antifa and BLM burning down their business like they do to all those who are noncompliant. They know the DC police won’t protect Trump supporters. Both Harry’s and The Harrington, were forced to close down due to threats of leftist violence. The Harrington’s statement regarding the matter reads as follows:

We are taking additional steps to protect the safety of our visitors guests and employees. Hotel Harrington will be closed January 4, 5 and 6.

The Harry’s one is virtually identical:

The Washington Post orchestrated a weekslong smear campaign enlisting the help of three separate DC news organizations to put out pure propaganda every day for three days culminating in the desired result of historic Harry’s Bar, and the centuries-old Harrington Hotel in DC that houses it, shutting down for three full days — including the day of the January 6th Stop the Steal protest.

Their goal is to put us all out of business and make us unable to provide for our family such that we are second-class citizens in effect, if not yet by law. We must fight back against this clear attack on our fundamental rights as American citizens, as the people who built this country, and as the people who keep it running.

Expect the outright persecution of conservatives and Christians to only accelerate and normalize under a Biden-Kamala regime. We must stop them while we still have rights.


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. The public deserves to know the wicked crimes being perpetrated on them and who’s behind it.


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