“WE’RE COMING FOR YOUR KIDS!!!” — Insanely Creepy Gay Chorus Sexualizes Minors in Sports, Extreme Pedo Moment Occurs During Wrestling (DISTURBING VIDEO)

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has just released a downright pedophilic video where they watch various men’s sports with extremely distressing orgasmic facial expressions singing a twisted song sexualizing male athletes, even minors.

This latest attempt by the SFGMC to normalize pedophilia comes just days after the group released a song containing the constantly-repeating lyrics: “WE’RE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!!”

The week before that the truly sick and demented pedophiles at the gay predator group posted a CDC vaccine propaganda video to TikTok in a ghoulish attempt at converting children to homosexuality at the same time as shuffling them into vaccine injection sites.

Allow for a quick recap of recent events to provide necessary context for this new development.

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From our previous reporting:

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus recently staged an incredibly creepy video wherein they beg Americans to get the deadly coronavirus vaccine.

The huge mob of approximately 100 people recited lines like “Now is the time to vaccinate and take back our world!” and “Shot in the arm! Doesn’t hurt at all! Gotta make time go!”

It was painfully obvious all involved were hopped up on powerful mind-altering drugs before the event as many of them couldn’t help from making extremely frightening facial expressions characteristic of meth addicts.

Some even pretended to violently stab themselves with a needle during the harrowing performance.

Ironically, those pushing hardest for mass vaccination of the resisting American public are not paragons of personal health themselves, to say the very least. A majority of attendees were heavily obese, bald, and generally physically deformed.

They’re coming for our children.

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Watch the incredibly disturbing video:

The experimental and unapproved biological landmine has been repeatedly proven to be horribly deadly across America and the world, yet media and government continue to aggressively pressure unwilling citizens to inject themselves with the poison. Injection victims are dropping like flies across the world.

It was uncovered in late December of last year that official documents detailing the chemical breakdown within the mRNA vaccine revealed that the shot contained 66.6mL of distilled phosphate (known by scientists as the devil’s element) and even contained the compound ‘Luceferin’. The media will not report on this.



(Republished from National File)

In a song posted to YouTube, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has bragged that they are “coming for” the children of conservatives, saying that they will “convert” them.

The song, entitled “A Message from the Gay Community,” was posted to their YouTube channel. “For those of you out there who are still working against equal rights, we have a message for you,” the lead singer says, before kicking off the song. The chorus then kicks off with sick lyrics, confirming the worst fears of conservatives. “You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct,” the singers brag:







The response to the YouTube video was resoundingly negative, with 114 likes to 7,200 dislikes at the time of writing, with the number of dislikes rising rapidly. The video was ultimately changed to “private” after the massive backlash. “Imagine singing about perverting children and thinking you’re the good guys,” said one commenter, while another said they don’t think “singing about grooming children is a good move to stopping the hate.” Conservatives on social media also slammed the video, calling it “creepy.”

The description of the video was later edited to claim that it was simply about converting people to being “allies” of the gay cause, and that the chorus didn’t want to make your children gay. “Our message to you from the gay community: we will continue do our best to counter the message of hate by teaching young people to be tolerant and fair,” it reads, claiming the video was simply “tongue-in-cheek humor.”

The irony that the chorus was taking place over Zoom to “socially distance” to stop spreading the coronavirus was not lost on some, with conservative commentators highlighting that the gay community in San Francisco was the epicenter of the AIDS bath house epidemic in the 1980s. Anthony Fauci, who led the country’s response to coronavirus, admitted in February to frequenting the gay bars and bath houses at the time, so he could gain a better scientific understanding of how HIV and AIDS spread among the homosexual population.

This is the second time the Chorus went viral recently, with a cringeworthy live rendition at the Harvey Milk Day celebration of them encouraging people to “vaccinate and make an appointment,” also being subject to much mockery.


Now this

(Republished from National File)

Yesterday, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was heavily criticized for a video they released where the chorus members sang “We’ll convert your children / Reaching one and all / There’s really no escaping it” and “We’re coming for your children”, causing the chorus to ultimately remove the video from its YouTube account and send DMCA complaints to anyone who reuploaded the disturbing video. Today, Internet researchers unearthed a video in which the chorus gawked at a high school athlete while insisting that “wrestling is gay”.

The video, titled “‘Extracurricular’ Virtual Performance by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” features 18 men singing about why various sports are gay, gawking over divers, dancers, football players, and wrestlers for their apparently-sexually exciting uniforms. When the chorus began singing about wrestling, they used high school video uploaded in 2016 showing an athlete-turned-activist named Justice Horn wrestling another unknown student.

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“Wrestling is gay for obvious,” sang the mostly older men, before pointing at the video of Horn. At the time the video used by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was recorded, Horn was a high school student in rural Missouri. It is unclear if Horn was 18 at the time the video was recorded, though it is from his senior year of high school. While Horn’s identity is known due to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus placing his name in the video, the name of the student he was wrestling is not known. Additionally, it is unknown whether the unknown student was a minor when the video was recorded.

In a series of interviews, Horn later revealed that he is himself gay, and came out in high school and college as a gay student athlete. Currently, he is a pro-Black Lives Matter, pro-monument destruction activist turned politician running for local government in the Kansas City area. It is unclear if the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus knew of Horn’s radically left wing politics when using his video, but it is almost certain that they knew Horn was a high school student when the video was recorded.

The YouTube description of the original video, apparently uploaded by Horn’s family member, contains the text, “Justice Horn, Senior at Blue Springs High School (Class of 2016). It seems likely that the person responsible for the creation of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. would have seen this description if they downloaded the video from YouTube. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus uploaded their video in March of this year.


Exactly zero media outlets have reported on these horrifyingly perverted events other than REDPILLED Media and National File. The sadistic content is not only fully allowed but actively promoted on apps like YouTube and TikTok while conservative and Christian content is wholly suppressed or banned altogether.

Just last month, REDPILLED Media exclusively reported of an extensive coverup underway in the southern United States where thousands of women who had recently gotten vaccinated were exposed to cervical cancer during the procedure. Consider below an excerpt from our previous article.



Related reporting:

Testimony from a Moderna coronavirus vaccine victim has gone viral on social media exposing the deadly vaccine for causing cancer in thousands of American women.

The video begins with a woman displaying an envelope sent to her right after she took the vaccine with a confidential notice on the front.

The victim reveals that inside the envelope is a summons to a secret cancer screening specifically being done in the context of COVID-19, for which she was just injected with the Moderna vaccine for. The terrifying summons bears the large banner “Cancer Screening Tests During COVID-19”.

The cancer summons was personalized, sent to ‘Alison Jones’, presumably the woman in the video exposing the cancerous vaccine. Parts of the confidential letter were flashed to the screen by Jones throughout the video.

At the end of the video the brave victim drops a bombshell: “They said that there are 1500 women that have cases of cervical cancer now. So they have invited me in to get the screening done again to make sure that I don’t have cervical cancer now due to the COVID vaccine.”



We now have confirmation: the Moderna vaccine is highly deadly and causes cancer, at least in women. Bill Gates deserves lifetime imprisonment and owes reparations to the American people for this.



REDPILLED Media has exclusively discovered through exhaustive investigative journalism concerning the subject a shocking criminal link between Moderna’s illegal posinous cancer injection into unsuspecting young American women and its announcement of new cancer treatments related to the coronavirus vaccine.

The original footage of the victim’s warning began surfacing online on June 2nd. The exact same day, an article appeared in CNN containing the announcement from Moderna. ABC 7 Chicago, which republished the story, ran the chilling headline: “Technology used to make COVID vaccines tested to treat HIV, cancer, more.”

From CNN:

Moderna — a company formed specially to develop mRNA technology — is working on personalized cancer vaccines.

“We identify mutations found on a patient’s cancer cells,” the company says on its website. Computer algorithms predict the 20 most common mutations. “We then create a vaccine that encodes for each of these mutations and load them onto a single mRNA molecule,” Moderna says. That’s injected into the patient to try to help orchestrate a better immune response against the tumors.

How convinient.

Create a crisis; sell the solution. Some things never change. Of course, Moderna will never be held accountable for these deadly criminal actions, but we must spread the word about this evil company’s doings if the media will not report on this newly-uncovered link.

Way back in December it was revealed that the totally safe experimental gene-therapy unapprove rushed bioweapon contained the satanic chemical Luceferin and 6.66mL of distilled phosphate (…which is known by scientists as the devil’s compound.) Could his agenda get any more obvious?

The sick creature has already told the world many times his goal is that we never go back to pre-pandemic life. He even released a super creepy new video about it.

We caught him working with the World Economic Forum, Oracle, Apple and even the Rockefellers to construct a COVID passport back in January. Now he’s foisting it on the entire country by force.

Many thousands have died as a result. Bill Gates is a mass-murdering traitorous war criminal and deserves legal treatment as such.

*** Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left. ***

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This all comes just weeks after we exclusively caught Joe Biden red-handed allowing a huge group of liberal media personnel onto White House property without any masks and without social distancing, chumming it up with them.

Weeks later the twisted tyrant was exposed AGAIN confirming our previously explosive report with another exclusive look inside Joe Biden’s hypocritical press pool, with reporters blatantly violating the rules to Joe Biden’s amusement.

Now, Joe Biden has been caught again for a third time in three months blatantly allowing his minions in the press to violate his mask mandate, dictator-style, while forcing everyone else to abide by it.

Just last month, Joe Biden unveiled a plan to nationally disenfranchise Trump supporters of their due process and equal protection rights under the US Constitution.

And of course who could forget his massive faceplant on the staircase while boarding Air Force One?

The illegitimate ruler still hasn’t faced any consequences for his celebration of underage interracial sex between black men and young white girls.

The quickly declining Joe Biden then viciously lashed out at a black White House official, blasting him with the N-word live on air.

To top it all off, the brand new transsexual assistant HHS secretary Dr. Rachel Levine is moving ahead with sex change operations for 3-year-olds.

Just last week, Joe Biden announced a harrowing new plan with the goal of killing off the remaining pregnant women in the country by dumping them directly into combat to get blown up or shot to death by terrorists.

He then ordered his defense secretary to override the chief of the National Guard’s request for his troops to leave Washington, DC!

The military has fully transitioned into a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party under Joe Biden, with many military leaders attacking Fox News host Tucker Carlson among other civilians for opposing using pregnant women as meat shields in the Middle East.

At a recent Joe Biden rally in Pennsylvania we proved that there were more police in attendance than supporters.

He then stole a direct quote from an old House of Cards episode and wildly claimed on live TV that it was a conversation between himself and Putin years ago.

With the White House in panic mode, the cabinet released an obviously doctored deepfake of Joe Biden edited on to the White House lawn with the green screen on full display.

Then, they forced YouTube to hide the evidence and nuke all comments, likes, dislikes, and censor unflattering captions — but we caught them in the act.

The despot screamed at his own supporters to “SHUT UP!!!” when he thought the cameras were off!

A White House staffer then forced all media personnel to immediately evacuate in a craven effort to hide the tyrant’s most revealing dementia moment yet from the public.

And who could forget when he fell asleep live on air after transferring all presidential power to Kamala Harris, saying she speaks for him and doesn’t check with him when she exercises the office of the president?

This is Biden’s America.



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*** Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left. ***

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