What Information Did Israel Destroy With Gaza Media Building Strike?

AP: “All I’m asking is to let four people go inside and get their cameras.”
IDF: “No one is allowed to enter the building.”

New daily numbers are in from the Israel-Palestine conflict: 10 Israelis dead; 188 Palestinians dead; 1 international media building leveled.

By now, everyone has seen footage of the 12-story Associated Press & Al Jazeera office building blown to the ground in Gaza, which was suspiciously destroyed just hours after the Israel Defense Force executed a midnight bombing campaign of scores of sleeping Palestinians civilians in a Gaza refugee camp.

The IDF announced it was blowing up the building just as a father who lost four kids in the overnight slaughter began to sit for an explosive interview with the AP on the subject with a full panel of journalists.

From The New York Times:

In the minutes before the airstrike, [the owner of the building, Jawad Mahdi] was filmed desperately pleading with the Israeli Army, asking them to allow four journalists who had been filming an interview — with the father of four children slain in an Israeli strike on a refugee camp on Saturday morning — an extra 10 minutes to retrieve their belongings.

An Israeli soldier told him: “There will be no 10 minutes.”

Minutes later, the building was destroyed, engulfed in a plume of black smoke.

A more complete version of the interaction reveals that the IDF knowingly destroyed the camera equipment used to record the interview.

From Al Jazeera [emphasis added]:

“Just give me 15 minutes,” an AP journalist pleaded over the phone with an Israeli intelligence officer. “We have a lot of equipment, including the cameras, other things,” he added from outside the building. “I can bring all of it out.”

Jawad Mahdi, the building’s owner, also tried to buy more time.

All I’m asking is to let four people … to go inside and get their cameras,” he told the officer. “We respect your wishes, we will not do it if you don’t allow it, but give us 10 minutes.”

“There will be no 10 minutes,” the officer replied. “No one is allowed to enter the building, we already gave you an hour to evacuate.”

When the request was rejected, Mahdi said: “You have destroyed our life’s work, memories, life. I will hang up, do what you want. There is a God.”

They didn’t want reporting of the massacre to get out. AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt noted as much following the attack during a bizarre interview in which he appeared with an unexplained massive bandage covering his whole nose, ominously warning: “The world will know less about what’s going on in Gaza because of what happened today.”

Will we ever know what he meant by this? Was he threatened to keep quiet about what his reporters discovered?

Relatedly, yesterday REDPILLED Media broke the unbelievable story exposing Mossad infiltration of the US State Department by two Israeli journalists who then published verifiably fake Israeli-fabricated war propaganda in The Washington Post at the behest of the IDF.

Consider an excerpt from the groundbreaking story to provide context for the airstrike:


From our previous reporting:

Yesterday (May 13th, 2021) at 5:22 PM EST, the official Israel Defense Force Twitter account tweeted: “IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.” Just one hour later, at 6:44 PM EST, The Washington Post dutifully published the unsubstantiated Israeli war propaganda sending out a tweet of its own reading: “Israeli troops have entered the Gaza Strip as conflict with Palestinians escalates, Israeli military says.”

The fatally-duplicitous tweet was never taken down. Instead, three hours later and after the Israeli government had successfully deceived American media and the world to gain war advantage, the Post made a minor correction claiming that the “Israeli military issues “clarification” to earlier statement and now says its ground troops are not in Gaza.”

The Washington Post story comes courtesy of two American Jews Steve Hendrix and Shira Rubin. Hendrix, working from the Post’s DC offices, is ‘Jerusalem bureau chief’ for the paper, while Rubin reports from Tel Aviv and contributes Middle Eastern news to the outlet. According to her bio on the paper’s website: “[b]efore joining The Post, Rubin worked as a freelance foreign correspondent from Israel [among other regional countries, and] was a U.S. State Department critical language scholar in Cairo.”

[Read the full story here]


We now have confirmation that Israel made the decision to swiftly explode the main international media building within Gaza following the IDF’s bloody midnight bombing campaign aimed at unarmed sleeping civilians and to end the subsequent effort already underway within the building to interview parents of deceased children, obliterating all news-related material in the process.

Further, owing to our in-depth investigation, we have evidence putting on display Israel’s full commitment to total victory over all else, including and perhaps especially over the truth, by leaking untrue war details to American media through foreign agents posing as journalists to influence its enemy’s actions at the expense of its supposed allies. Israel has thus proven that it is engaged in a multi-layered information war with the world concerning this conflict.

What information does the Israeli government not want the world to see? What are they hiding? Are they simply covering up their genocidal state-level mass murder? Or was there more unreleased information by the AP and Al Jazeera that the IDF was intent on destroying before publication?

We demand answers.



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