Why is The Gateway Pundit Suppressing Information Identifying Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter? Commenters Are OUTRAGED That Joe Hoft is Covering Up REDPILLED Media’s Reporting


The Gateway Pundit has published two news stories in the last two days asking why Ashli Babbitt’s killer hasn’t been named yet.

Newsflash: We broke the exclusive story three days ago. As REDPILLED Media readers know, the killer’s name is David Bailey and he is a special agent with the US Capitol Police. He’s also the man responsible for Steve Scalise getting shot in 2017.

Even worse, he openly threatened Trump supporters on Facebook in the months leading up to the deadly attack. The FBI is nowhere to be found.

The Gateway Pundit is nowhere to be found also.

TGP readers are outraged at the recent rampant dishonesty of the publication, which is usually totally on the ball.

All of the top comments on today’s article, entitled “Identity of the Policeman Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt Still Unknown…” are readers disgusted with the website’s attempt at covering up the story.

The second top comment on the article references our own reporting, citing the clearly visible bead bracelet the killer wore while committing the crime that is identical to bracelets he wore to multiple public appearances years prior.

Even more shockingly, four comments later, a user links directly to our article identifying the killer, exposing article author Joe Hoft of covering up evidence and not reporting the facts.

The top reply to this comment comes from one reader who says he email Joe Hoft our exclusive story after his bogus reporting yesterday, but that he completely ignored the email.

It’s obvious that Hoft read our article, because he steals our days-old reporting on the fact that the DC Council passed legislation during the summer to require officers be named following altercations with protesters. But he doesn’t cite our article.

We generally like the reporting over at TGP, but something has gone horribly wrong at their organization as of late as they have been caught repeatedly by their own readers suppressing honest, factual information important to the public.

So why is Gateway Pundit lying to their readers and saying no one knows the officer’s identity? Why does Gateway Pundit keep running deceptive articles to the outrage of their readers as evidenced in the comment section? Why is Joe Hoft covering up information sent to him by his own followers?

What is Gateway Pundit trying to hide?

Tweet Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit on Twitter to ask him why his reporters are covering up this important story.

Joe Hoft

We broke the story identifying the shooter as David Bailey, the man who let Steve Scalise get shot then was awarded two national medals for his great achievement.

We brought you the truth in reporting that Bailey is a Brazilian immigrant, part of BLM, and made violent direct threats to Trump supporters on Facebook for months.

We dug deeper and found out that Bailey only held a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, yet was hired through Affirmative Action into the federal the government and now rakes in over $120K per year in taxpayer dollars.

Most recently, we brought you the news that following our reporting, Bailey deactivated every single one of his social media accounts and has gone into hiding.

Tweet Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit on Twitter to ask him why he’s covering up this important story.

REDPILLED Media will continue to bring you the facts on this quickly developing story. We will not be intimidated.


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2 thoughts on “Why is The Gateway Pundit Suppressing Information Identifying Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter? Commenters Are OUTRAGED That Joe Hoft is Covering Up REDPILLED Media’s Reporting

  1. I’ll get attacked for this, but you don’t have proof, you have a solid suspicion who the shooter is.
    Kudos on the whole bracelet thing, but that’s not proof. Is it probable, sure. Is it confirmed, no.
    I sure wouldn’t cite it as confirmation.
    Perhaps working together you could force the DC/Congressional authorities to release his name like they’re required to.

  2. Ashlii Babitt is alive, she is a crisis actor.
    You can watch the video here:
    goto brighteonDOTcom/22375a2f-1f93-44fe-8fb5-4a2d0b27298c

    or here:
    bitchuteDOT com /video/c6UGYmdnFhly/

    Don’t fall for it.
    No blood.
    Backpack used to shield her head.
    Gun is pointed away when gunman shoots.

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