YouTube Pushes Creepy Bill Gates Propaganda Video on Children Deifying Him as a Saint-Like Figure Handing Out Wads of Cash to Everyone (VIDEO)

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In another example of how globalist propaganda is being inserted into children’s programming, a video aimed at kids explains how awful things would be if Bill Gates disappeared.

After imagining what would happen if Batman and Superman were no longer around, the video, produced by AumSum, then turns its attention to global vaccine pusher Gates.

The video states that because Gates is the world’s third richest person, if he disappeared “a highly respectable billionaire would be missed by many people.”

In the video two characters start to cry after Gates, handing out wads of cash, then disappears.

It then notes that if Gates vanished, “philanthropy would take a big hit”, with further claims that if Gates wasn’t around the world’s rich and powerful would probably no longer give “half” of their money away to charitable causes.

The video further states that climate conservation and clean energy would cease to exist if Gates wasn’t here, and that evil fossil fuels would “make a comeback.”

As if to rub in the propaganda for good measure, the cartoon also teaches kids that Warren Buffet would be upset if Gates disappeared, and that would be a bad thing.

There is no mention of how if Bill Gates disappeared then so would his efforts to completely monopolise and dominate global food production and public health programs via genetically modified crops and medicines.

Something that also might disappear over time would be extreme hunger, which has increased by 30 percent in the 18 African countries that Gates’ Foundation has initially targeted.

Gates’ disappearance might also see a slowing in the trend of growing rural poverty, with hungry people in these nations having risen to 131 million.

Perhaps without Gates’ massive funding, multinational agricultural and chemical companies wouldn’t have the resources to so effectively decimate the biodiversity of farmland, and wouldn’t be able to as effectively enforce their patented synthetic foods and pesticides.

Put that in the cartoon next time.


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