BREAKING: Black Hawk Helicopter Crashes Over Satanic NY Finger Lakes Killing 3 National Guard — HUNTER BIDEN HAS A BACK TATTOO OF THE EXACT LOCATION OF CRASH

This is a breaking news story that will be frequently updated as we discover new and relevant information about the deadly event.

The night of Biden’s inauguration, a Black Hawk National Guard helicopter crashed in over an area of Mendon, NY known as ‘Finger Lakes’ for its 10 or 11 — depending whether or not you count the forked one — long, thin, vertical lakes located in direct succession with similar spacing.

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The eerie location uncannily resembles two hands spread out together.

The area exudes sinister undertones with its heavy satanic symbolism.

The individual lakes resemble identically the Hebrew numeral ‘6’, represented elsewhere in mass media, most notably on the Monster Energy beverage logo.

To put this reference in context, the Monster Energy slogan is: “Unleash the Beast!”

A short, detailed video explanation of this chilling phenomenon can be found here.

Back to the lakes: Not only do they resemble the Hebrew numeral ‘6’, but there are three groups of three lakes in the area, distinctly spelling out ‘666’ three times in a row, across New York state, identical to the markings on the Monster can.

See for yourself:

As relayed prior, occurring only hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, and with 65,000 NG troops guarding the US Capitol, the military helicopter crashed over this out-in-the-open but still well hidden satanic symbol..

Of course, Hunter Biden has this exact location, known for child sex trafficking, tattooed all over his back.

Despite the fact that the town of Menton, NY is only home to 9000 people, this one suspicious road running above the Finger Lakes, Cheese Factory Rd., where the crash took place, has received endless police attention ever since the 2020 presidential election.

Just take a look at the small town’s official law enforcement Twitter account. It’s filled with breaking emergency updates from the last few months concerning illegal and violent activity occurring on the road in question.

Of course, they always make sure to clarify that ever event necessitating attention of police and law enforcement turn out to be mere accidents, misunderstandings, and end up being resolved without incident

Oh, and of course upstate NY has about a half dozen other roads with the exact same name.

Why is there a criminal report on this suspicious road seemingly every single week since the 2020 election? Why do the police cover up all incidents arising in this eerie area? Why does Hunter Biden have the exact satanic location tattooed all over his back?

And why is there currently a swarm of Black Hawk helicopters swirling the area?

This story is far from over. Check back often for updates on this quickly developing and frankly unbelievable event.


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Black Hawk Helicopter Crashes Over Satanic NY Finger Lakes Killing 3 National Guard — HUNTER BIDEN HAS A BACK TATTOO OF THE EXACT LOCATION OF CRASH

  1. Finger lakes 666 Hebrew – To lake Ontario

    Sex traffic (Slave traffic history)

    Big Flats – Black Hawk helicopter manufacture (Found Nuclear waste) – Same building Wayfair took over

    (Corning inc – Nuke waste?)

    Corning inc – Spies(China – traffic) / Clintons

    Hunter Biden – tattoo

    Wealth of Finger lakes – perfect fronts / Canaandaigua unaffected by Pandemic

    Old Wealth – history of founding fathers

    People die in FL (Office Ref)

    Palmyra Birthplace of Mormons (Joseph Smith)

    Mafia – Polimeni Italians

    Meteorite just hit area

    Large meta- night community(Religious)

    (666) Serpent into lake – Native American History (Area has large amount of US Founding Father History)

    Decent Amount of Amber Alerts

    And I have only been researching for a bit……..

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