DC Capitol Police Murder Female Trump Supporter in Cold Blood Hours After Establishment Republicans Order Police to Open Fire on Unarmed Peaceful Protesters (THEN THEY SPIT ON HER GRAVE)

Trump supporting patriots entered the DC capitol, as is their right as citizens, Wednesday afternoon to peacefully occupy the building.

Capitol police brutally opened fire on the unarmed crowd and murdered decades-long US Air Force veteran and female Trump supporter Ashley Babbit in cold blood.

Watch the savage attack occur live:

TRENDING: Capital Cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was The SAME OFFICER THAT LET STEVE SCALISE GET SHOT in 2017! (He Has A Long, Bloody History…)

She served four tours over 14 years as a high-ranking officer in the US Air Force.

Now we learn that Establishment Republicans ordered the brutal slaughter of this innocent and unarmed Trump supporter.

Erick Erickson on Twitter:

“Shoot the protestors.”

Matt Schlapp shockingly later justified this savage, bloody act of murderous violence in the halls of the US Capitol.

He said the innocent Trump supporter deserved to be shot.

This is unbelievable. They are sentencing their own constituents and fellow Americans to death.



Gang of DC Police Stomp on American Flag then VIOLENTLY ATTACK Innocent Group of Trump Supporters — They Beat a Helpless Woman When She’s Down! (VIDEO)


REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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8 thoughts on “DC Capitol Police Murder Female Trump Supporter in Cold Blood Hours After Establishment Republicans Order Police to Open Fire on Unarmed Peaceful Protesters (THEN THEY SPIT ON HER GRAVE)

  1. I saw your report on the capital police shooter, who murdered Ashli Babbitt. Cannot find it now. I need that info for my veterans group. I am an Air Force Veteran and former 12 year Federal Law Enforcement officer. That guy (what is his name?) violated Federal LEO SOP with that head shot first, against an unarmed intruder.

    All the info about him and his BLM association appears to have been scrubbed.

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