RELEASE HIS NAME!!! — We The People DEMAND TO KNOW the Name of the Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt in Accordance With the Police Reform Laws Passed Over the Summer in DC

Release his name.

We the American people are demanding that the US Capitol Police immediately release the name of the officer responsible for perpetrating the brutal slaughter of 14-year Air Force veteran and unarmed peaceful protester Ashli Babbitt in cold blood — savagely executed at point blank range by a bullet in the neck without any warning from law enforcement.

When violent drug-addict career criminal counterfeiter George Floyd died from a fentanyl and meth overdose last year, the Minneapolis Police Department willingly released the name of the lead officer executing the arrest, Derek Chauvin, to pacify Black Lives Matter and the Left.

In this instance we have grounds to expect a swift and definite naming of the US Capitol Police officer guilty of mercilessly slaying the politically-profiled Trump supporter and decades-long patriotic Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt: In June of last year, the DC Council passed police reform legislation concerning conduct following protests.

According to The Washington Post, the unanimously-passed legislation specifically “require[s] the city to swiftly make public the names of officers who use force on citizens.” Police brutality is only and always overlooked when it’s levelled on Trump supporters, but not even the media could ignore the bloody political assassination the world witnessed in the halls of the US Capitol.

The law was made for the precise purpose of unmasking police officers engaged in such senseless slaughter.

TRENDING: Capital Cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was The SAME OFFICER THAT LET STEVE SCALISE GET SHOT in 2017! (He Has A Long, Bloody History…)

Unfortunately for poor Ashli, she had not brought decades of danger and violence on her community, so she did not receive the George Floyd treatment in having the officers’ name released voluntarily.

It is for this reason that we the American people stand up and demand that the US Capitol Police do not further trash the memory and desecrate the grave of Ashli Babbitt, and immediately release the full name of the officer responsible for the heinous attack in accordance with its own brand new unanimously-passed police reform laws.


Rest in Peace Ashli Babbitt


*** Share this demand with the general public to expose the criminal Capitol Police for flaunting their own newly-passed laws to further persecute the same group they fatally opened fire on! We are running out of time. Justice must be served. ***


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