THE BEST OF THE BEST: Diversity Hire Cop David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was Hired With a Sole Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education — HE RAKES IN OVER $120K A YEAR!

Affirmative action at its finest.

Today, REDPILLED Media exclusively identified the US Capitol Police officer who shot dead 14-year high-ranking Air Force veteran and patriotic Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt. The media refused to report his name or his long history involved in shooting Trump supporters. We brought you the news.

Hours later, we discovered through careful research that the murderer, David Bailey, threatened to kill Trump supporters repeatedly leading up to the presidential election on Facebook. The FBI was nowhere to be found.

Now, REDPILLED Media can exclusively reveal that the savage killer is an obvious Affirmative Action hire — assigned as a US Capitol Special Agent while only holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education.

North Carolina Central University proudly trumpets alumnus Bailey as one of their ‘Forty Under Forty’ on both their Facebook page and their official website.

Shockingly, Bailey is projected to rake in over $120K per year for his work as a glorified security guard.

But does he really deserve this kind of money? What are his contributions to society?

In 2017, due to his sheer incompetence, a crazed leftist gunman was allowed to open fire on congressional Republicans at a baseball practice in Virginia. Steve Scalise nearly died.

Now, in 2021, Bailey brutally executed an innocent veteran then gleefully bragged about it on Facebook minutes after the slaughter, saying she deserved it because she was a Trump supporter.

People like this should not be allowed to carry weapons in public while the rest of us are disarmed.

This sick man should be locked up for a very long time, but at the very least, now that his name has been publicly released (which up until this point has been illegally withheld), he must be indefinitely suspended from the force immediately — before any more Trump supporters are violently shot and killed with their blood on his hands.


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3 thoughts on “THE BEST OF THE BEST: Diversity Hire Cop David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was Hired With a Sole Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education — HE RAKES IN OVER $120K A YEAR!

  1. Thank you very much for releasing this information: WE, THE PEOPLE, have the right to KNOW ! Because this coward cold-blood criminal ( and the sold out political whores he protects ) are paid from our money – taxpayers money !

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