UPDATE: Wikipedia Repeatedly Scrubs All Evidence of Jen Psaki’s Brother’s Position as Portfolio Manager at Citadel 5 TIMES IN A ROW While Twitter and Reddit Get Caught Shadow Banning All Discussion (IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS)

REDPILLED Media has discovered an extensive coverup operation involving Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit, and potentially others colluding to bury information pertaining to our exclusive bombshell report released yesterday criminally implicating many high-level Biden cabinet officials in the Robinhood securities fraud scheme.

The major news story widely reported two days ago was that Robinhood banned users from buying stock and forcibly cleared out the portfolios of investors with thousands of shares each and sold them directly to Wall Street hedge funds at 25% of the market price in a blatant criminal robbery of the common man as punishment for finding success in the stock market at the expense of financial elites.

What was not widely reported, though we illuminated, was that Joe Biden’s treasury secretary Janet Yellen raked in over $7 million in the last two years before ascending to her current White House throne from speeches given to Wall Street institutions, which clearly amounts to bribery.

Hedge Funds are Illegally Covering Their Short Positions By Flooding the Market With a Massive Amount of Counterfeit GME Shares

Furthermore, Yellen recently received a massive $810,000 bribe from Citadel, which owns Robinhood, in order to stay quiet and allow the total rape and pillaging of Americans under Joe Biden, tech oligarchs and the financial elite.

Then, we found out that Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s, who ran cover for Yellen’s crimes yesterday, brother is portfolio manager at Citadel — proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the company has bought off the executive branch in an effort to illegally and savagely loot its loyal, law-abiding customers without legal repercussion.

Now, REDPILLED Media has uncovered a large web of interconnected tech giants conspiring to crush all online discussion of our bombshell news report released yesterday exposing Jen Psaki’s brother’s high up positions in financial companies, currently working at the one that owns Robinhood and paid off Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.


From our original reporting:

Redditors on r/wallstreetbets have caught hedge fund managers shorting Gamestop futures in recent days by flooding the market with buy orders and heavily bidding up the price, forcing the Wall Street elites to cover their bets at a huge loss.

The subreddit was immediately shut down, though later resurfaced. Discord banned the subreddit’s chat room, so the members could not communicate. The NYSE halted trading for the stock amid a mad panic.

They fear the common man attaining money and power at the expense of themselves.

Now, popular mobile stock trading brokerage ubiquitous among millennials and instrumental in the stock spike blatantly seized privately owned shares by force and flooded them out onto the market at a huge discount, allowing only major hedge funds to buy them up for a major profit.

Like true communists, they claim it’s “for their own good,” referring to customers they openly illegally ripped off.

Just today, the stock crossed $468 per share, but Robinhood robbed its innocent customers of thousands of shares and sold them at a quarter of the price.

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One Robinhood customer had 4,500 shares seized by the brokerage and sold at an average of $119 per share, or for 25% of Gamestop’s maximum price today, losing 75% of his entire portfolio forcibly and without reason.

Users were banned from selling their securities at the price they wanted to.

This is clearly criminal, but nothing will be done about it. The Biden administration’s treasury secretary Janet Yellen received over $800,000 in speaking fees from Citadel, which owns Robinhood.

Press Secretary Psaki says Yellen arrogantly defended the indefensible, to applause from the media.

This is Biden’s America.



REDPILLED Media has learned and now exclusively breaks the news that Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s brother Jeffrey Psaki is currently portfolio manager at the company that orchestrated the illegal heist: Citadel.

Further scrutiny of Psaki’s LinkedIn page exposes his elite status in the financial industry, notably previously serving as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Managing Director at Barclays, and Vice President of Lehman Brothers up until its bankruptcy.

They are all interconnected and actively work daily to sabotage the working man — at any cost.

Give him a call and tell him what you think about all of this.


Now this…

Yesterday, right after we released a bombshell exclusive report detailing the Biden administration’s criminal complicity in the securities fraud perpetrated by the tech oligarchs at Robinhood and allowed by corrupt Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who was paid off $810,000 in hush money by the company right before and suppressed by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit immediately colluded to bury all evidence and silence all unapproved communication pertaining to the newly unveiled information courtesy of REDPILLED Media directly linking and implicating the Biden White House in the entire affair through Jen Psaki’s brother, Jeffrey Psaki, who is the portfolio manager at the very company embroiled in the massive criminal scandal: Citadel.

How do we know all of this?

A search through the revision history on Jen Psaki’s Wikipedia page exposes a highly coordinated censorship operation successfully conducted by the top brass at the ubiquitous encyclopedia website to reverse five separate fact-based, reference-backed attempts to mention Jeff Psaki just once on Jen Psaki’s page.


Edit 1:

Three hours after our bombshell exclusive report released, an edit was made on Psaki’s Wikipedia page at 2:48AM on Jan. 29th adding her brother Jeffrey Psaki to the family members section of the webpage, citing a Yahoo News article reporting on his being hired at Citadel.

The edit was reversed 10 minutes later claiming that such a relative was not notable enough to be featured on her page.

Could there be a more notable relative than the brother of the White House press secretary heading up the very company embroiled in a weeks-long nationwide news scandal?

This is Biden’s America.


Edit 2:

Hours later, another user edited the page with the same link, arguing that Psaki’s brother was notable enough to be written up in Yahoo Finance, providing the link.

The same Wikipedia janitor “WWGB” that denied the previous attempt to publish the truth once more unilaterally denied the attempt, chirping back “a lot of people are mentioned in Yahoo,” and that users must prostrate themselves before the hordes of leftist Wikipedia administrators and gain their blessing before daring to attempt to report reality on their website.


Edit 3 & Edit 4:

Twice thereafter, they thwarted truth tellers that tried to transform the transcript to typify the truth.

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The admins claimed vandalism this time, and pounced minutes after the edits were submitted to cover it up.


Edit 5:

Early this morning at 3:15 AM, a draft edit was made pleading the technocratic gatekeepers to report the truth for once in the spirit of impartiality.

Three minutes later, in an unbelievable stroke of intellectual dishonesty, the Wikipedia admins reverted the edit due to the fact the submitting user forgot to include the Yahoo link from before.


But it doesn’t stop there.

Twitter has been shadow banning all discussion of the subject whatsoever. Tweets including the link from our story yesterday are denied the opportunity to go viral with the Twitter admins erasing all likes and retweets on tweets containing our article.

Below is a screenshot of the latest tweets containing a link to the URL https://redpilled.ca.

On Reddit, the mods of r/WallStreetBets are simply nuking threads that bring up the subject, with users protesting in the comments that they aren’t able to upvote the thread.

Outraged commenters replied to a thread linking our article released yesterday with:

Surprised there’s no discussion here

Why’s the post upvoting locked?

Why are the mods keeping the upvoting locked?

Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised our country is being transformed into an infinitely more evil version of the Soviet Union when we survey the people running it.

These developments are highly significant as the impartially-styled Wikipedia has emerged in this digital age as the widely-accepted final arbiter of truth on every topic in human history; Instances like these that so plainly exhibit Wikipedia’s total bias and brazen disposition to warp the recording of reality prove that the purportedly reputable institution is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the elite establishment and exists solely to propagate unmitigated disinformation to promote the further entrenchment of leftism in America.


This story is not over. Stay tuned for updates on this frankly shocking event. We have only just scratched the surface.

Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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REDPILLED Media is a bourgeoning independent media organization dedicated to bringing the American people important news stories suppressed by the corrupt and contemptible Mainstream Media.

Bookmark this website and check back daily for exclusive reports on pertinent subjects that Big Tech is trying to suppress. We will not be silenced.


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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Wikipedia Repeatedly Scrubs All Evidence of Jen Psaki’s Brother’s Position as Portfolio Manager at Citadel 5 TIMES IN A ROW While Twitter and Reddit Get Caught Shadow Banning All Discussion (IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS)

  1. I’m all for a good conspiracy (God knows the Democrats are rife with them) but you guys haven’t actually provided any evidence of their relationship other than the same surname. Supposedly they’re second cousins.

    Given her family history (primarily Jen and her father James/Jim), I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Jeff was involved anyway (second cousins aren’t inherently distant relatives, after all), but it doesn’t seem he’s her brother.

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